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Stephen Chesney/Robert Mason - Devil's Daughter

Shawn Of Fire

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First song co-written with Warrant vocalist Robert Mason sees the light of day.

Los Angeles - The first song from the new solo EP by Guitarist/Songwriter Stephen Chesney featuring Warrant vocalist Robert Mason has found its way online as a streaming preview ahead of a future release.

English born Stephen Chesney has been working on the songs throughout 2013 leading into the beginning of 2014 after hooking up with Mason to finish up the songs, based on tunes that Chesney had written over the previous years prior to landing in California.

The tune also features drummer Scot Coogan (Ace Frehley/Brides of Destruction) bassist Koko Powell (Edgar Winter Band) and Rob Bloise on keys along with a horns section featuring Jim Wheeler(Slash/Loggins Messina) and Mitch Manker (Ray Charles).

The song along with the rest of the EP has been worked on by Guns N' Roses/Santana Engineer Rob Beaton in Los Angeles, an early/mid 2014 release date is currently being finalized.

More information will be available soon at:

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I like it!

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That's actually very, very nice. I was ready to hate it based on the name of the EP alone, but it's a very good tune.

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I don't think so...


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Listening to these tracks today, I thought i'd bump this thread and post the regrettably only 3 tracks from this Killer EP.

I don't know what happened with this project, but an album would have been nice.





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