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Faith Circus: "Turn Up the Band" review (Hardrock Haven)


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I believe most melodic rock fans will enjoy this latest album from Faith Circus. To check out my full review for Hardrock Haven, click the link below:


Faith Circus review


Bottom line, if you enjoy great vocals, good hooks, polished production, and some catchy songs, you need this album like a circus needs clowns. Not quite a mind-blower, but consistently high quality.

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Not bad, the chorus is reasonable, although not brilliant. The guitar solo is feckin' awesome though!!!

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Dudes, throw out every other CD you've bought this year because this is all you need to be listening to. ;)


Haha, nah, I'm kidding, but this is the CD I was waiting for this year. I barely remembered the debut from these guys to be honest. And as I listen to the remixed version of the debut, included with the new CD, I wonder why I can't remember the debut. Of course I remember 'Tied and true,' which is one of the best songs in recent years, but there are a lot of other great songs on it. Not sure if they're just remixed really well, or if I did just really misjudge the debut. But I must revisit it.


Anyway, about the new album. I heard it yesterday and I was completely taken aback by how much it appealed to me, after really just not expecting anything from it at all, to be honest. But it's basically exactly what I want to hear.


Killer hard rock riffs, a very good vocalist, great guitar work, well written lyrics, intelligent and well executed melodies, killer production job and most of all, just great songs! 'Love me dry' would probably be the weakest of the bunch, but it's still a good rocker. The first 4 riff driven rockers are all delicious, I love the ballad, 'Tears you've never cried,' and 'Sunshine Radio' is this album's 'Tied and true' - a shamelessly commercial and great melodic rocker. Elsewhere, 'Firesign' and 'Follow my voice' are also two great rockers, and 'Into my heart' is another delicious ballad.


Really good disc, and well worth checking out.

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I agree, it's an excellent release. Been playing it quite a bit... stay tuned for singer Marc Farrano's Zombie:Union solo project as well, the guy writes some great stuff and that will have a lot of cool guest artists on it as well. :-)

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