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Hollywood Burnouts - Kick It Up A Notch!


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Their previous album was very average stuff and I don't like this one either to be honest.

I remember listening to their last disc and thinking to myself "WHAT THE FUCK!!!".


It wasn't good at all. This song has a little more promise.

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I really like the song, but I can't find any others to listen to yet. Need to hear more before deciding whether it's a CD purchase or a track or two download. Positive review here:


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Listened to a few tracks off this one and for me 'Ghost' is easily the best, although 'We Own The Night' is pretty good too. Saw the album compared to Reckless Love in one review, but there's a huge gap between the 2 imo.

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I've never heard the debut EP, unfortunately by the sounds of it, but 'Excess all areas' was a painfully average CD.


The sound/style of the new song is a lot better. It'd be hard to be as average as the last CD, so I do think this is a lot better. But I agree it's not amazing. Solid, though, and enough to make sure I'll check out the new album.

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