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Dennis Churchill-Dries


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Howdy strangers. Apologies if this is a repeat, but I searched and didn't see a thread.


Former White Sister and Tattoo Rodeo lead vocalist Dennis Churchill-Dries, apparently just going by Dennis Dries now, has a Soundcloud with some new songs recorded on his own. I can only imagine what could really be done with his voice in a real studio.


Still haven't had the chance to listen to ALL of the tracks, but liking what I have listened to so far. (I wish I could just put them on a disk and then have them to listen to/digest in the car, which is where I get to do my most concentrated/serious listening.)




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His solo album 'I' out in April.


From FB:


Last song is finished, all tracks sent to the mastering lab...YES!!!


Been reviewing the last song we've been working on, "Can You Feel It" , for the last couple of hours...it's a monster! I'll get a sample up soon.


So now it gets real...gotta finish the website, get the tracks from mastering to CD Baby, then breathe...maybe. Only 20 years since I released anything...not a big deal! Stay tuned!



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