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Paris - Only One Life


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Haven't got much time for the net at the minute, but I couldn't help but notice a glaring omission on the boards in terms of new release. Here's a very good new release sure to please fans of WOA. A bit of an accent, but mostly just delightful AOR/melodic rock:





The Melodic Rock outfit PARIS has its origins in the French capital, but a short look at the album credits of the band’s debut record illustrates that we are actually dealing with an international affair. The two main characters, Frédéric Dechavanne and Sébastien Montet, hail from France, the duo is responsible for the songwriting, the lead vocals, the guitars and the keyboards. The Italian delegation is represented by producer Alessandro Del Vecchio (Lionville, Hardline, Issa), the rhythm section Anna Portalupi (Mitch Malloy, Lionville, Hardline) on bass and Alessandro Mori (Mitch Malloy, Lionville, Axe) on drums. Guests are in-demand Swedish songwriter Robert Säll (Work Of Art, W.E.T.) on guitar and Steve Newman (Newman, Big Life) from the United Kingdom on backing vocals.


Track List:

01. Dancing On the Edge

02. What Should We Be Saying

03. South of Love

04. Everytime You Walk Away

05. America

06. Longer Than I Care to Remember

07. The Clock

08. On Fire

09. When the Lights Fade Away

10. Handle With Care

11. The Time Still to Come

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This disc did surprisingly well, even only in one spin. I agree the vocal could be the weakest link here, slightly accented but acceptable singing, the rhythm section is a proven thing and without looking at the line-up and only by samples, I can hear, aside from WOA touch, also NEWMAN, not sure who's behind the songwriting machine, but I suspect Sall and Newman have something to do with that too.


Anyway, most of the stuffs here are above 8, and probably only 'What Should We Be Saying' and 'On Fire' that's on the verge of 8. I really like the mid-paced ballad, 'Longer Than I Care To Remember', I thought it's the best track here, and I also love 'Everytime You Walk Away'. The obvious WOA style here are 'South of Love' and 'Handle With Care' and 'What Should We Be Saying', 'The Clock', and 'The Time Still To Come' are really like Newman's lost tracks.


The production is almost flawless, hats off to that section, replay value is around 8, and musicianship I have to give around 7.5, probably for the weaker vocal, but overall a solid AOR offering here, and though I'll wait for some price to drop before buying this, I guess this is worth the spin.



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Yeah, it seems to be a half Newman / half WOA disc in terms of contribution. Both inclusions shine through clearly.

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Got this one along with the Charming Grace disc and this holds up a whole lot better, although saying that, it isn't exactly fantastic either. More pace and variety, better songs, good, solid production..yeah I quite like this one,...without exactly dancing around the room.

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Meh.... it's okay. Not great but not bad either.


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    • Cool song. If ADV is strictly hired to play keys, it should be fine. 
    • Ooh, nice!  I'll have to revisit the first album. 
    • Ugh... I hate you so much. You know I hate you, right? ;} I've never seen either iteration. 
    • These are sounding pretty good. 
    • New album out April 26th. SiX By SiX, the progressive power trio comprising Ian Crichton (Saga), Nigel Glockler (Saxon) and Robert Berry (3.2), are pleased to announce the release of their sophomore album ‘Beyond Shadowland’ on InsideOutMusic on 26th April 2024. The band reconvened in Berry’s own Soundtek Studios in the San Francisco Bay Area in 2023 to bend, shape, hammer and caress their diverse musical talents into 11 impressive new tracks.  With this album, they continue to define and build upon their unique melodic space, welding guitar-driven rock, metal and prog into a unique and powerful sonic setting. Tracks: 1. Wren 2. The Arms of a Word 3. Can’t Live Like This 4. Obiliex 5. Only You Can Decide 6. Titans 7. Outside Looking In 8. Spectre 9. Sympathise 10. One Step 11. The Mission Vinyl-only bonus tracks: 1. SiX By SiX Orchestra Medley 2. The Arms of a Word (Instrumental) 3. Honor Bridge 4. The Mission (Instrumental)    
    • Press release: Newman are pleased to announce the follow up to 2021’s ”Into The Monsters’ Playground”, the UK Melodic Rock band was formed back in 1997 by Steve Newman and quickly gained a great reputation after releasing their debut, and subsequent ”One Step Closer” albums. A string of high quality releases have ensued throughout the last 20 years insuring a strong and loyal following. Highly respected by fans and fellow musicians alike, this new album will add to the bands great legacy and underline the reason why Newman are considered to be one of the UK’s top Melodic Rock artists. The new album tentatively titled ”Colour In Sound” will be the bands 14th studio album and will be released through AOR BLVD Records in May. Artwork will be revealed soon as well as the first single accompanied by a video in the next few weeks, watch this space.
    • Imagine a world where Andrew Wood didn’t die and Mother Love Bone was still creating awesome music!
    • “My Icarian Flight” featuring the one and only ADV 😜  
    • lol, this was my thought process too. What about Confess?! I like both bands, but not at the expense of one of them. 
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