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Wild Rose - Dangerous


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Wild Rose releases their new opus 'Dangerous' on Feb 22nd through AOR Heaven. Featuring the new singer David A. Saylor (Push).






1. Alone

2. Hold On

3. I Can’t Stop Loving You

4. If You Still Love Me

5. Dream On

6. Awake

7. Tonight

8. I Won’t Forget You

9. Is This Love

10. Not A Day Goes By

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lol. Everything about this band (and Andy Rock) is very generic, bit i'll be damned if they're not making some damn good music in the process. Really looking forward to the new disc, and stoked it's due so soon already.

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I know these guys are not exactly setting the melodic rock world alight, but jeez I love this stuff. I really do. Yeah it's basic and quite safe, but just perfectly suited to my needs. I would LOVE to see these guys pick up an awesome producer to give the songs the edge they'd need to maybe give them a bit more exposure. But even as it is, I love this stuff. Can't wait for the new CD. Yeah it sounds like the debut and the Andy Rock disc, but if it ain't broke...

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Don't know what's wrong with your AOR taste lately Glen cause this sounds good :D


Agreed. AOR Hater up there just hates good stuff. ;)

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Not a bad tune at all. I am seriously hoping that the rest of the album will be strong, as the last album was bog average and quite disappointing.

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One thing that's obvious if you listen to this album is they sure know how to make a great and lovely songs but the amateurish rhythm section definitely could kill the appetite. Tracks like 'Alone', 'I Can't Stop Loving You', 'Dream On', 'I Won't Forget You', or 'Not A Day Goes By' are greatly crafted AOR tracks, and perhaps only 'Awake' which I think is a bit dull for a ballad, but sometimes you hear a sloppy drum fill or a very average solo guitar, luckily the vocal is quite okay.


Production is very nice and since I like most of the songs here, I must give credits to the songs though replay value is dragged down because it's a bit samey and probably better if you can spin it once in a while because it wasn't varied much. Based on two spins, this is rated quite high for me, but to see if the songs holds, probably will see how it goes after 5-6 more months.



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I love it, to ne honest. For me, it's the 3rd best album of the year so far, which is not saying much. A; beacuse it's only March and B; only WET and Vega so far have been anything to get too excited about. I think 85% will be a fair score for this. I've given it an initial 89% but won't be surprised to see it drop a little.


Totally agree about the drum fills and guitar, and even the keys are very basic too. And the lyrics. No doubt it's all basic stuff for sure, but it's just done so well. One thing, though, is that the production really isn't bad at all. Played it back to back with WET and was surprised that this didn't sound too weak afterwards. Yeah it sounded weaker, but yeah, not too bad. It's just good, harmless, nice stuff.

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I know I shouldn't but I still love it too. One of the most listenable albums of the year, still, to me. It is so safe... but so good too.

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