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Mia Klose - London

Dead Planet

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Sounds great. I was just thinking the other day how good a bunch of female fronted releases this year have been, and often a lot harder rock than their peers. I don't get why there aren't male-fronted bands with pure 80's hard rock riffage like Sister Sin or Nubian Rose... or by the sounds of this, maybe this lass too.

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Very good hard rock disc. I threw a 74% at this, with no track scoring below a 7. Very consistent, great band and good songs. A real nice surprise album.

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this is purely a demo cd for Mia, she looks quite promising to deliver a much better album ahead. The Nubian Rose is quite good too!


Yeah, Nubian Rose is a great disc. If this is only a demo, the real thing should be super. Hope she keeps it up.

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Good disc and she has a pretty good voice. I prefer The excellent Nubian Rose over this, but it's a promising start.

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She's got a new album out - Stronger. 

On first listed I'd say dreadful.  Another high pitched singer and she seems to try and fit words into the song because they make the lyrics work but the sound is then painful.  It's so bad I even remember how bad Memory Lane is. 

Given there's so much stuff come out recently I'm not inclined to give it a second go but if others find redeeming features (outside of her looks) I might give it a second spin. 

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