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TASTE - Taste [AOR from Sweden - 2012]

Guest Axldobby

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Guest Axldobby



TASTE is a Swedish band of KOR (Keyboard Oriented Rock, just an sub-genre of AOR) founded by brothers Christoffer (lead vocals, guitars) and Felix Borg (bass, drums). It's thanks to social networks (who said FB ? :whistle: ) that I've discovered them. The duet offers, in 2012, a self-titled release well-produced and entirely available via streaming, legal download. Due to the growing success of their music, they are currently searching a deal and then a physical release! Wait and see!!!


Here, their influences: FM, GIANT, DANGER DANGER, EUROPE, TREAT, BON JOVI and H.E.A.T.


Streaming link:






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Guest Axldobby

I'm sorry for late reply! You've finally found the FB link! :)

Their bandname is a good one however, as you've said, it's hard to get the right weblink! So, what's your opinion about it, please ?

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Guest Axldobby

It's another thing to have in your hand a physical copy :) Plus the fact that you always learn things thanks to booklet (lyrics, who has been involved, credits, etc.).


Today people think it's normal to get music for free. So, why don't they go to supermarket and get things for free ? Why do they pay for an internet connection, why don't they ask for a free one ? I think when someone spend time to create new songs and to make an opus, then it's like to produce things like cars, foods, clothes, etc. Nothing is free, unfortunately!

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I read somewhere AOR Heaven is gonna release this in January...


That makes me very happy.


From AOR Heaven newsletter:



"Taste was formed by the two brothers Christoffer and Felix Borg the day before new year’s eve in 2009. First, Taste was only supposed to be a side-project, because both also had played in other groups. But it didn’t take long before the Swedes decided to turn Taste into a full band.

During the two following years, they wrote and recorded five songs inspired by the 80′s and bands like Europe, FM, Giant, Valentine and White Lion.

Since they never met any suitable band members to complete the line-up and therefore couldn’t play live, the brothers decided to record their first full-length album themselves.

Taste had a vision to blend a vintage 80’s sound with a fresh modern production. The self-titled album was recorded, mixed and mastered by Christoffer Borg in his own studio and will now be released on CD by AOR Heaven on January 18th."



1. Back To The Future

2. Our Dreams

3. Cry For Love

4. Don’t Give Up

5. Stay

6. My Rose

7. Danger Games

8. Doesn’t Feel Like Love

9. In My Arms (Tonight)

10. The One

11. Fallen Angel


Website: www.facebook.com/tastetheband


Soundclips in advance:

TASTE – Don’t Give Up (Edit)

TASTE – Our Dreams (Edit)

TASTE – Stay (Edit)




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I got a sneaky listen to this thing. Very safe AOR with very basic lyrics and even melodies, BUT, it is all very nicely done. Safe isn't always bad and I think this will appeal to fans of AOR. I like it a lot despite it not blowing my nuts apart. Will definitely get a hard copy.

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They're working on a new album.

From FB (October/2017):

Ok, it’s time to reveal some news.

We are recording a new album and the first single is almost done!

We will give some more details in a future press release.


Some tracks from the debut:








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