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Wild Machine - II


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Underground Glam/Hard n Heavy from Athens. The band formed around the year 2000 taking the name from the great KISS song ''War Machine'' off the ''Creatures Of The Night'' album. Following the unfortunate passing away of their bass player and after multiple line-up changes the band took another musical direction and changed its name to WILD MACHINE. Having been likened to bands such as Britny Fox, Motley Crue, early Accept,and Krokus. The band also injects it's own punk energy and glam rock sparkle that sets them apart from their counterparts and gives them a contemporary edge. Wild Machine are known for their semi-theatrical extravagant outrageous performance,having some hard shows with names such as Gilby Clarke,Star Star,Ryan Roxie,Faster Pussycat,Skid Row and lots of local bands.




01. Straight To Hell

02. Teez Teezah

03. Addicted

04. Gimme Action

05. Nasty, Oild 'N' spoild

06. Dirty Motel Room

07. Suicide

08. Viciouz Luv

09. Star Attraction



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Wow, you don't hear vocalists like that anymore... thankfully. ;) I wish there was a chorus in that clip because I kinda like the vibe but would be interested to hear what they do with the chorus.


I'm not going to hunt these guys down, but I'd like to check this album out when it's available.

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Would did you think Geoff? Could you stand the vocals?


I'll let you know as soon as I hear it, mate. Takes me a little while to get to things these days. :lol:

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It's a bit of an odd sample, to not go to the chorus, but I gotta say I like what I heard.


Agree. Sounds like it could be a couple of verses from a Britny Fox song; without the chorus, solo, etc I just don't see the point!

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