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Me too. I watched 'A Night To Remember' yesterday (with my daughter, which was bizarre - my 8-year-old choosing to watch a black and white film with her dad rather than watching cartoons, playing computer games, etc). Great film, very moving. Apparently it's quite an accurate account, unlike some of the other films around. I'd like to watch a decent documentary about it too, but the missus never wants to watch 'serious' programmes. :doh:

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On a side note I watched that documentary of the Concordia disaster the other day.......UNBELIEVABLE what went on there...like the Titanic all over again in some ways....ie huge delays in starting the evacuation , and major problems lowering the lifeboats!!!

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I'll admit I watched way too many documentaries on the Titanic over the weekend. It's a story I've always been facinated with, long before the movie came out 15 years ago. I think I got hooked when the discovered the wreckage in the first place.

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