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The Three Stooges

66 mustang

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can you name all the stooges. there was at least 6 that I know of.


In honor, or horror of the new three Stooges movie a little topic. These guys were a staple of my morning routine getting ready for school in the mornings as a kid. I'm so afraid that the movie will do nothing but tarnish what I remember

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I love The Three Stooges. I'm actually going to check this new movie out. I took my son to the movies a few weeks ago and they had a super long preview for The Three Stooges movie. It actually looked pretty fun. It appears to have the same type of humor that was used in the original. As you say... I hope that this doesn't tarnish the original.

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So Moe, Larry & Shemp were the 3 to start. Then Curly replaced Shemp. Then after Curly had his stroke Shemp came back on a temporary basis to help out Moe and Larry. Then they got Joe, who wasn't liked very much then Curly Joe. When Shemp had his stroke they got another guy to fill in to finish up the Shemp spots. they only filmed him from the back and used old footage to insert Shemp into the picture from the front. They also had the line-up of Moe, Curly Joe and some guy to replace Larry after his stroke. nothing came from this line-up but a couple promo photo's as the tv or movie thing fell through. so we have







Curly Joe


Moe, Curly & Shemp were brothers. I reckon Shemp had the most success outside the group? it said he only agreed to come back to help out Moe and Larry if it was written that it was for a very short amount of time as Shemp was going ok on his own?????

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