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Manning to the Broncos


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I kinda wished he had gone back home with the Titans.


I guess Tebow is on his way out. Maybe Miami might grab him.

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I'm sure money was a factor as well, but I'm wondering how big a part of it was not playing Eli until the playoffs (not that they won't have that happen regular season somewhere along the way, though I'm not sure how they determine interleague games), how much he thought his road to the playoffs (and possibly another ring) would be easier in the AFC West as opposed to the NFC West, and how much of it was the fit of Denver for his family as opposed to San Francisco.


I have to admit, I was shocked when I first heard the news, but looking back at it, I'm not too surprised. (Definitely not surprised it wasn't the Titans; while he'd be headed back to Rocky Top, they weren't going to be Peyton's best shot. But I thought the 9ers were front-runners for getting him back to the playoffs/Super Bowl. Even though the road to the NFC crown would be have to include playing the Packers or Giants and maybe other teams, winning the NFC West would seem to be a lock. Unless he was worried about the Rams with all their draft picks now. haha)

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Once again Elway is linked to the Colts in a round about way. I may be the only one, but I just don't see the Broncos as a very good team. Obviously they are better with Manning... But who is he going to throw the ball to..? Willis McGahee...? Didn't the top receiver on the Broncos have like 37 catches last year..?


As a quarterback, how could you not want to play in a dome and throw the ball to Larry Fitzgerald..? The Broncos may be a playoff team with Manning, but they were a playoff with Tebow also. I don't see them being able to compete with New England, Baltimore or even the Steelers as serious contenders.

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Thats what the draft and free agency are for...get better guys around him...the colts proved they had nothing really good when manning went down...they barely won 2 games... and for the last few years manning has had that team in the superbowl or in the playoffs and they had no defense...receivers that upon reflection now weren't that good..(maybe wayne but once manning was gone..he disappeared too).....and he did it every year....the broncos have a better defense (although needs more work), and really better O line...receivers is an issue but manning has proved he makes average receivers look great..(collie, etc)...to me the only issue is his health...he can't win games if he is on a stretcher...if they can keep him on the field...they should make some noise...if tebow got them to the playoffs and was 8-8, ..manning should be worth a few more games than that...add a few more players...who knows....Elway is a prime example of what a good running game can do for a quarterback getting up there in years..with some mileage...win a couple superbowls..ride off into the sunset...time will tell...I guarantee EVERYONE in the AFC west noticed the change of quarterback in denver...no matter who is playing with him... ;)

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