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something happened today that made me feel old

66 mustang

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there was something that happened today that really made me step back and think about my life and how old I must be getting. I had this kid that works for me in electronics and today he came up to me and asked me something. I fired back being the sarcastic guy i am and totaly ignored his question and asked if he was taking a break, then asked him where his name badge is. a couple more things were said joking around and then he told me that he had just quit. He had joined the Army and he needed Tomorrow off for something he had to go do with joining the Army. He said they wouldn't work with him to get the day off but I don't think he really tried very hard either. Then as he was walking away I had to chase him down to say thanks for the work he had done and wish him safety and the best. Him and another guy in the department were talking and they told me they and yet another guy were just talking about how they look at me like a FATHER FIGURE!!!!!! flattered and taken aback at the thought of these young men look at me like a father figure. Crap, it use to be older brother now it is FATHER FIGURE!!!!!!! could be worse I guess, they could hate my guts. I guess as a supervisor if I compared myself to the NFL I would be a Tony Dungy type.

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