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A couple of new (old!) releases coming on Feb. 14


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I might have to bite on these.




Axe - Axeology, a 2-CD greatest-hits package. I don't know how many (if any) of the tracks are unreleased or alternate versions. $17.99 shipped @ Amazon.




"Packaged in a deluxe 8-panel digipak with full liner notes written by Axe leader Bobby Barth, original LP sleeve artwork, rare photos, and more!" --Cleopatra Records



1. Life's Just An Illusion

2. Hang On

3. Sympathize

4. Forever

5. Back On The Streets

6. Battles

7. Living On The Edge

8. Fantasy Of Love

9. First Time, Last Time

10. Carry On

11. Running The Gauntlet

12. For A Little While

13. Rock 'n' Roll Party In The Streets*

14. Steal Another Fantasy*

15. Jennifer*

16. Burn The City Down*

17. Now Or Never*

18. Holdin' On*

19. Silent Soldiers*

20. BONUS TRACK: Bad Sometimes



1. Heat In The Streets*

2. Young Hearts*

3. All Through The Night*

4. Eagle Flies Alone*

5. Let The Music Come Back*

6. Masquerade*

7. Magic (In Our Eyes)

8. Heroes and Legends

9. Burn Me Once Burn Me Twice

10. Where There's Smoke, There's Fire

11. Any Place On This Highway (Is Home)

12. The Crown

13. Good Times

14. Torturous Game

15. Foolish Deception

16. BONUS TRACK: No Heroes



And this one has me really intrigued... I wonder how good the remastering is? $16.74 shipped.





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I think the * denotes re-recorded according to Amazon, I wonder if they're the re-recordings that were done for the 20 Years from home releases?

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I have never had one of those 24k cds but always wanted one. I went ahead and ordered the Dio. I figure it can only gain value in the future. Not that I would ever part with it anyway.


I noticed while over at amazon there is also a Bryan Adams cd coming out on the 14th that is 24k. I think it was like 22.00 or something like that

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Yep, the DCC gold cd's are awesome if you're an audiophile wanting the best sounding version of a particular album. These are the same guys who released Megadeth's Countdown To Extinction a couple years back. I've picked up their version of Cars - Heartbeat City, Yes - 90125, & Billy Idol - Rebel Yell. And they all sound fantastic.

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    • Defunding the cops was never the answer....there are a few cities where they are trying to make changes, such as adding an option to the 911 emergency number where you can choose 'a mental health issue' option which sends people (not cops) who are trained to deal with the situation....which frees cops up to do the work that they are trained for....
    • Yeah, that's why the entire BLM "Defund the police" movement was (and is) so fucking idiotic. The police need more assistance, resources, and training, not less.
    • The media and politicians are pro-police because the vast majority of the people they serve are pro-police and until that changes you will not see either group turn against the police....which is how it should be, the more difficult we make the job of policing, the harder it will be to get people to do the job so even if you are upset with how things are being done during the pandemic, maybe you should give the cops a little bit of understanding...
    • Pretty unlikely to get many fires this year with La Nina
    • I don't know how "firefighters" are defined or utilized in Australia vs. here in the USA, but presumably they are included because as first responders they may be called upon to rescue or render medical attention to people, and you wouldn't want the first responders to be giving Covid to them, or worse having a situation where either the recipient is forced into a position of declining medical assistance or the firefighters reluctant to render it. I actually agree with the mandatory vaccination policy in this case. 
    • In case anyone might have forgotten what a fucken dump Australia is right now, in a country that was ravaged by bushfires two years ago, volunteer firefighters are now required to be vaccinated to be able to provide their service. Many will not, so in an occupation where we were flying in firefighters from the US and Canada etc. at the peak of our issues to help out, we are standing volunteers down because they won't get vaccinated. Because christ almighty knows, that the last thing we want is for firefighters to be giving the fires they fight covid-19.  https://thewest.com.au/news/coronavirus/volunteer-fire-and-rescue-service-members-included-in-mandatory-vaccination-mandate-c-4564212 That story only covers WA, but I saw an interview today with a guy from NSW and as far as I understand it's a country-wide requirement?  I honestly just don't have the words to describe my thoughts on matters like this. Are we actually the dumbest fucking country on planet earth, or is shit like this happening in other countries?  Imagine honestly trying to excuse actions like this if we had fires like we did a couple of years ago and able-bodied, willing and experienced firefighters were sitting at home watching houses burn on TV because their stupid fucking cunt government thought that forcing a pointless needle into their arm was more important than the work these people do. Unbe-fucking-lievable.  
    • Here's my ability to read and interpret information. You say that you no longer teach your kids to respect police. You seem open in your statement "Fuck the pigs" You may say that in front of them. If you don't I'm sure they will pick up on it. Kids learn from their parents. I'm happy with my interpretation. It's sad that people can generalise so vigorously. I would put forward that a MASSIVE percentage of cops are good, if not great cops. we're looking at only a very few cops here who overstep and gain a lot of press. I know 3 people who have applied for the force. One got in, one didn't, one is in the process now. Their requirements are extremely high, and not adhering to just one part of the process 100% equals a fail. In the case of the person who didn't get in, she got through all the psych, fitness, etc, but didn't come across as confident enough in a phone interview, so that was it. Cops are legends.
    • New song 'Power Of Will'.    
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