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Michaele Salahi Ran Away With a Guy from Journey and Forgot to Tell Her Husband


The curious case of Michaele Salahi, the White House party crasher and one-time Real Housewife whose husband reported her missing, possibly kidnapped, this morning, seems to have been solved. After the initial report of Salahi's mysterious disappearance was met with some skepticism, Salahi's husband, Tareq, took to the media once more swearing he was being serious. And maybe he was! Maybe he really doesn't know where his wife is. But TMZ might. They're now claiming that Salahi wasn't abducted or kidnapped or anything so dramatic. She's just, y'know, hangin' out in Tennessee with her new boyfriend, Journey guitar man Neal Schon:


But now we've learned ... Michaele has been dating the rock icon, went to his show in Nashville last night and is currently with Schon in Memphis, where Journey is set to perform with Foreigner.


Scoop Marketing, the rep for Journey, confirmed with TMZ that "Nobody kidnapped her and they are in Memphis together."


We've also confirmed Michaele has dated Schon in the past, and she's called it an "intimate and passionate relationship."


Whoooooops. If that's true, that's just embarrassing for everyone involved. Deeply embarrassing. For everyone! But yeah, mostly for Tareq. Yipes.


We'll keep you updated as this deeply, deeply important and not at all an insane publicity stunt story develops.




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She must be a real moron to leave someone as kool looking as her husband for some idiot wannabe rock n roller guy who probably won't amount to anything in his life. This Schon character probably plays in some garage band at his moms house. :D

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Go Neal! She's hot! :bananamac:

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