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Casey Anthony

66 mustang

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She's guilty in my mind.

I agree.

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She's guilty as hell and I hope she fries...

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I watched none of the trial and gave up after a few of the charges seemed the same, but how is she just guilty of giving false information. Aside from the fact that she seems bat shit crazy, the media (and other things I'd read on other forums) sure made her seem a lot more guilty.


Anyone watch it all and can provide any insight into the seemingly idiotic verdicts?

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This trial highlights one of the problems with the media today...they had her hung before she went to trial, because of all the bad publicity she received you can't find anyone online or offline who doesn't believe she's guilty....does this verdict mean she's really innocent, damned if I know, all i know for sure is that the jury who were there for the entire trial and heard all the evidence didn't believe she was guilty beyond a reasonable doubt and personally that's the way I want the system to work because if we lower the standards a lot of innocent people will be convicted....the downside is that occasionally a few guilty people go free....the only way I would call her guilty today is if I sat thru the entire trial and heard all the evidence for myself...

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how long till she is doing porn?



Supposedly, Vivid Video offered her a contract as soon as the verdict was in... :lol: They did the same thing with "OctoMom" a while back... just tryin' to get their names in the news too.


Jim Norton Tweeted a joke today that said ""Casey Anthony is going to change her name to blend in. I vote for Hitler Nineelevencunt."



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