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Phil Varone - So, are you a sex addict or not?


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So, I'm flipping through the channels last night, and run across this show on Discovery Health Channel called "Strange Sex". It was an episode from 2010, and the first 15 minutes featured former Saigon Kick/Skid Row drummer Phil Varone. In a nutshell, he talked about how the sex he'd had with THOUSANDS of partners "never meant anything" and was "very mechanical" and usually lasted "10 minutes or so" and was never fulfilling. It documented his time in sex rehab, and that he had met a nice woman, and was living with her, and that his life had improved since he had kicked his "addiction".


Well, I remembered seeing a headline on SleazeRoxx a few weeks back, and sure enough, Phil has now released a XXX tape: http://www.sleazerox...ews/00461.shtml


NSFW http://philvaronessecretsexstash.com/


The funny part about this, is his quotes regarding this release, are directly OPPOSITE what he stated on the show I watched last night.


"Granted, it's been pretty easy for me to meet many groupies along the way," says Varone, "but I still feel a charge each time with each new girl. It's a very personal, very explicit experience and never gets old," he added. "This was the first time for me with the incredible five girls in the movie and I loved every minute I had with each of them."


"I believe everyone should have sex with as many partners as possible, in as many ways as possible," he says, noting that he and his fiance have an open relationship and enjoy sexual encounters with multiple lovers.


LMAO.... what's next, Phil Varone... ordained minister? I could care less either way, but c'mon man... pick a story and stick with it.... :loser:

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I was kind of wondering about that as well. He seems to contradict himself a bit. I kind of understand it though. From my experience when something has taken over my life I eventually hit a wall. I walk away from it for a while (a few weeks or months) and when I come back to it the experience is exciting again. Not sure if that's the case or not.

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Dude's a f*cking Froot Loop. Couldn't make it as a musician, he's tried to make it as a stand up comic and an indie film maker, I guess porn star is the next logical step...

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He's my friend on Facebook, he's obviously way more impressed with himself then the general public is of him, hes definitely a perv, but i find his posts entertaining, cant say i think to highly of him as a musician!

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