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STEELE - Tricks Up My Sleeve (Chance to win 2 copies TODAY)


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On my radio show today I am showcasing the STEELE album "Tricks Up My Sleeve"! Yes this is the same Steele who in 1996 released their one and only album in Japan. The new release contains 4 bonus demo tracks, and I will be giving 2 copies away on my show. Also Jeff (Guitars, Vocals), and Steve (Bass) will be in my chatroom!


It all takes place from 7-10 PM EST today!










Come visit us in the chatroom!









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anyone has tried this CD ? how good ? :popcorn:


Really great stuff. Re-released in 2012, this is basically essential for almost anyone here. Such a killer 80's hard rock sound. If you like Lion and Lynch Mob, for example, you'll love this thing. Really awesome sounding release. I dropped an 80% on this, only let down by two weaker songs to end the album.





1 - Tricks Up My Sleeve

2 - Love Ain’t Gonna Change Me

3 - 100 Miles

4 - Flirtin’ With Fame

5 - Stay

6 - Live Forever

7 - I’ll Never Cry

8 - Only In Your Mind

9 - Lead Me Over

10 - Innocence




I dare you to tell me this isn't awesome: ;)





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Superb release, very under rated & quite obscure to boot!!!

Hope the reissue exposes it to a wider audience! :)


Yeah, I can't believe how many people who would love this CD are ignoring this thread. I will bump this until everyone who needs to hear it has heard it. :lol:

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Bought a copy off Ebay for mere $Au11.25, the copy which is coming to me is the Z Records version. Thanks Geoff for putting on to them.

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I was hanging out with Jeff this weekend, the Z Records deal apparently fell apart after production of the actual CD's, so it's actually an official bootleg, lol. He also gave me one, which was way cool. :-)

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