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This is simply pathetic sportsmanship...


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No wonder soccer doesn't interest many here in North America. With antics like this, I'm surprised Sean Avery or Dennis Rodman weren't hits in the rest of the World.


Dumbass soccer move

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Check out Bosh acting like Boozer has hit him with a flying forearm to the head:



Flopping bastard...

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I saw the soccer clip on TV today. As much as I would love to bash soccer.. this type of sportsmanship exist in every sport. It's really hard to raise a son who loves sports and is a pretty good athlete. I'm really lucky because my son seems to pick pretty good "sports idols". His favorite football players are/were Kurt Warner and Joe Flacco and his favorite hockey player is Alex Ovechkin and baseball is Brian Roberts.. so I am pretty lucky. Most of his friend look up to players like Lebron James & Ben Rapistburger.


These kids these days watch this type of behavior nearly every night on TV. Many times the players are able to get away with and even benefit by this type of behavior. I am always involved in coaching both baseball and basketball and I see many kids actually using whatever tactics they can to gain an advantage. The lesson being taught is that this behavior is acceptable.. especially if you can get away with it.



As far as Bosch goes... he has been doing that for years. It's just that nobody really noticed it because he played in Toronto.

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I couldn't agree with that 100%, Dave. Not to show bias, but the sports I associate myself with here in Australia are relatively free of nonsense to this degree. Maybe every now and then people might milk a penalty by staying down a little longer in football after a legitimate hit... but not one made up out of thin air.


The thing that amazes me about these morons is that it's no secret about the coverage most sport gets, so to do this shit with 10,000 cameras on you is just bound to make yourself look like a f*cking moron.


On the above clips, the soccer one is hilarious. The commentators - even though I have no idea what they're saying - are just as funny too. Do I see it right that the f*cking moron actually gets penalized rather than the guy who's arm he pulled? If so, I'm cool with that. I think what is equally as bad as this kind of behaviour is the support of the officials by awarding penalities. In reality the guy in red should have been red-carded and executed on the sideline, but if the penalty was against him at least it's a start.


As for the basketball, the commentators are as big a f*cking idiots as the guy taking the dive. I didn't see any contact, so I don't know if they're bedmates of the diver or what, but he just looks like a big blouse diving at the undeniable might of thin air.



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Being from the Toronto area, Chris Bosh is enemy #1....along with Vince Carter. Two players who bailed on the team and in Bosh's case he, last year, actually quit playing/performing on the team, thus the Raps missed the playoffs by one game. I may be alone here, but Damn!!! I want the Heat to FAIL!!!


Every sport has idiots, but like Geoff said with 10,000 cameras players can't get away with anything anymore.


Case in point...Golf!!! I don't ever recall so many golfers being caught violating the rules like I've seen lately. And the ones reporting the violations are the TV viewers. Personally TV viewers should mind their bussiness and leave it up to course officials.

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