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Infrared Heaters

66 mustang

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anyone have an opinion on them? dad got us one because they are suppose to be great but this one doesn't do much at all. It ran all night and the house is still only 45 degrees this morning in the living room. do I just have a bad one or are they way over priced and over-rated?

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I guess the performance of the heater would somewhat be influenced by the layout of your house. Is your living room pretty much open to the rest of the house? Do you have high ceilings?


I now infrared heater is useless in my cabin as I have a very open floor plan and a cathedral ceiling in the living room.


One thing you can do that might help a little...but only if you have a ceiling fan. Turn your ceiling fan on either low or medium and reverse the spin. This will push all the hot air that rises back toward the floor.. in turn helping it feel warmer.

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our heat kicked on for about 30 minutes one morning last week..

i hope thats it for the winter... but i wil admit its nice when the bunnies stop shedding for a few months...

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I saw them the other day at Scheels, Id imagine they are like any space heater, if you run them in a room with a closed door they will be highly effective, if you are trying to heat an entire house, you better buy 4 or 5 of them! Hey long hair mike, whats up my mesa brother, how is shit down there? i grew up there, went to a year at Mt. View highschool, hows the weather?

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  • My Little Pony

its cold,, fuck this sub-60 shit makes me want to hibernate,,

ive only been here 2 years (red mountain ranch area), but i'm ready for 100s again.


Where you at?

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well CRAP. after typing that long post I hit a wrong button and it is all gone so to make a long story short I must have a cheap knock-off heater. had to go help a neighbor today and they have an Edenpure heater that is putting out a freakin' ton of heat. mine wishes it could put out heat like that. It was crazy how much better that thing was heating

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