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New Bon Jovi video

Captain Howdy

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The video to one of the four new tracks on the upcoming greatest hits package has just been put up on http://www.bonjovi.com


It seems like a generic mid paced ballad to me, similar to pretty much all their recent stuff.

Its not bad, its just not stunning.

Certainly not a patch on the best songs from The Circle.


Annoyingly they are taking pre-orders on the website as well, which will give you access to another downloadable new song that is exclusive to the pre-order, but its USA and Canada only.

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Just got hold of this song.

It was only available to people in the USA and Canada who pre-ordered the new greatest hits package from the Jovi website.

Kinda reminds me of C'mon C'mon by Def Leppard.


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The new song is ok (haven't heard the other 3). Sort of Bon Jovi by numbers and a song I bet was written while he was taking a leak.

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Well I actually kind of like it. 'What do you got' is what we're talking about, right? Yeah it's not off-the-charts-awesome and as Jez says they probably wroting while crossing swords, sharing urine, but I don't think it's that bad at all. Nice enough...

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What Do you Got is Crap, and No Apologies is embarassing to say the least:




I love this band, but I think it's come to the point where even i don't give a crap -_-

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