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It pays to drink

Jacob M.

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A couple months ago I bought a 6 pack of Leinenkugel Sunset Wheat. I noticed they were running a sweepstakes. Without much thought I entered the codes. It's not like I ever win anyway. Nothing happened so I eventually forgot about it. Over a month later I received a strange e-mail from UPS. I thought it was fake, but decided to open it anyway. It was sent at the request of Jacob Leinenkugel Brewing Co. It appeared they were sending me a package. I couldn't figure out why. I thought I hadn't won the contest and that was it. Guess I was wrong. I became one of 40 winners in their first drawing of the summer.


On July 7th my package arrived. Inside was a backpack, shirt, hat w/ bottle opener, bottle opener, bottle holder, and glass.
















Sometimes it does pay to drink.

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Nice score, mate. Via drinking Hahn Super Dry I recently won an Australian World Cup soccer scarf, beanie... and yeah, you know it - cape. My bro kept the beanie and cape and I got the scarf. :)


In related news, a few years ago when I was jobless I penned a few awkward novels, and enjoyed it. Since I met my wife I haven't really had time or opportunity to pen anything more, but recently I got some moments to pen a short story, which came out quite poorly, and even more recently (since the weekend) I started a new "novel." The catch, I wrote the entire short story, and everything of my new work, while I was under the influence. I just sit there drinking beers and writing stuff. At the time it seems pretty cool and I seem to pen some decent stuff that might not otherwise come to me. I haven't read back over a lot of it, but what I have doesn't seem too dampened by the juice...

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Sweet score J! Nice stash of merch. Leinenkugel is pretty damn good beer too!

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