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Dirty Deeds


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I'm not sure how I ever missed these CD's, but thank GOD I went digging through all my old hard drives the other day.


Years ago, I got a sampler CD with a bunch of various tunes from some distributor. I can't remember who. I did burn all the tunes into my hard drive because I rarely ever take original CD's and put them into my car. I burn CDR's or MP3 CDR's instead and put them in the car. One of the tunes I had was titled "Deeds - Kill The Pain". I ended up loving the tune and watched for a CD titled "Deeds". I never saw one come out and eventually forgot about it. In the early 2000's, I bought waaaay too many CD's and ended up not listening to too many of them. I always burned them into the hard drive, but somehow, many got lost in the shuffle.


Through the years, I've upgraded computers, and in the process, I also got bigger hard drives. Luckily for me, I never reformatted a couple of my old drives, because I normally do format my old drives once I upgrade, install and transfer my files.


When I went digging through one of my old drives, I looked through each music folder and noticed a band called "Dirty Deeds". I looked into my current music folder and the CD wasn't in there, so I transferred both the Dirty Deeds CD's I had on the old drive along with a shitload of other crap I somehow never transferred to my newer drive in a special folder so I'd remember to check them out. Last night, I was previewing a bunch of the stuff I got off my old drive and noticed that the Dirty Deeds CD called Real World had a song called "Kill The Pain". I started listening to it and realized that the "Deeds" mp3 I've had forever, was actuaually the band "Dirty Deeds"!!!


How the hell did I ever miss this CD along with the Danger Of Infection release? I haven't had much time to listen to the CD's yet, but so far, I LOVE what I'm hearing! Fantastic axework, solos, riffage, choruses, etc... I recommend BOTH CD's!


Dirty Deeds - Danger Of Infection (1998)


Dirty Deeds - Real World

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I did own both of these CDs but I've also since sold both. Not even entirely sure why. They are a good band, with that big hard rock style that brings back memories of Victory / Crystal Ball... I did think 'Danger of Infection' was quite good. But I don't know, something was just missing for me and they ended up on the trade pile. :(

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They shortened their name to Deeds and put out what I believe was their last release called 'Blown'.....all 3 releases are worth having IMHO.....



I guess I missed that CD as well :doh:

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With the recent rise of 80s style rock/metal/glam artists like Airbourne, Jettblack and Reckless Love etc getting a good degree of media attention, it would be a perfect time for Deeds (Dirty or otherwise) to make a comeback of sorts.

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