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Off to Las Vegas .............


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Hi guys,


I'll be in Las Vegas next week, primarily for business. Anything interesting I need to go and see in the little spare time I might have ?


Thanks for your tips ! :drink:

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think of me if you fly over South Dakota :)

Me too!


Hmm, what to hit in Vegas...We always just walked the strip (south end). Lots of great sights to see just doing that. Try to check out the water show at the Bellagio if you have time. And be sure to eat at Del Taco! I miss that place sooo much!

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Man I LOVE Vegas!!! Been there like 3 times over the past 8 years or so.... LOTS of fun and a TON of things to do.. BESIDES gambling.... :rofl2:


Like.. the Water show at the Bellagio....


There's a show in Ceaser's too that's pretty cool, about Neptune and stuff???


Ummm.. OH the Pirate Show outside Treasure Island is cool.. Crowded,but cool..


Hell just walking the Strip is fun.... :tumbsup:

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Went there back in 1995, got married etc.


Loved the place then, considerably better now I would of thought.


Walked up and down the strip, was an event on it`s own, the hotels were incredible, flew by Helicopter into the Grand Canyon.


Went to see Reo Speedwagon, Pat Benatar and Fleetwood Mac one night.


Hope you have a great time

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Thanks, guys, for all the tips and best wishes !! :drink:


Hopefully I will get out of this place and will not be stopped by those volcano ash clouds. The airport in Munich is closed this afternoon/evening.


Cross fingers everyone !!

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Yeah, sounds fun. Have a good time, mate, if those filthy ash clouds don't rain on your parade.

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