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Brass Kitten


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Forgive me if I somehow botch this. It's my first poll, that I remember anyway. Ever since I first heard E-Z N' Pretty I have been a fan. That has been several years ago now. For some reason nobody talks about them. I thought more people would have caught on by now. I keep checking and it appears there still isn't a topic. Lesser bands get more recognition than them. How is that possible?


E-Z N' Pretty is one of my all time favorite releases. Brass Kitten is a very solid band with a great singer. Steve Philbrook has incredible range. His vocals add so much to the songs and he makes the band what they are. On their first release they were able to create a distinct and original sound. Not sure why, but they took a different route with the follow up. Perhaps they were in search of mainstream success? Across America appears to take its cues from other bands. Stylistically it’s all over the place. I hear Warrant, Skid Row, and maybe even Hardline in the mix. They have no problem copying other bands styles, but in the process they lose their own. Too Far Gone is the only track that sticks to the original sound. It’s really not a bad album, but quite a let down from the debut. With that being said if the band had more material in this vein lying around I would gladly take it.


What say you? E-Z N' Pretty or Across America?

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I'd have to say that I prefer the debut overall, even though 'Too far gone' is by 1000 miles my favourite song from this band. The debut is a more consistent album with generally better songs, though. I like this band but have to admit I never liked the dude's high pitched voice at all and it took away from quite a lot of my enjoyment of that debut.

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That "E-Z N' Pretty" release is damn hard to come by as I've been looking for some time....as for the other release, it's decent but not mindblowing....


At one time I had 3 copies of E-Z N' Pretty on cassette. I let someone borrow a copy and I never saw it again. That was a big mistake. With releases such as this the only way to go is cassette. Otherwise it won't be affordable until it's finally re-released on cd. In a way I'm suprised that so many haven't heard this band yet, but then again I'm not. There are so many bands that it's hard to hear everything.

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Wowzer, been a couple of coon's ages since I prowled around the Polls. Anyway, as for Brass Kitten, both CDs are just OK; neither one is anything overly special. Both albums have good songs, both albums have dud songs, which makes them kind of run of the mill. Everything about them just screams generic. I actually prefer their 2nd release ("Across America") but ultimately feel no need to have either one in my collection. That said, if they put out another album, they were always a solid enough band that I would probably check it out.

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