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how bad of a night would you have to be having

66 mustang

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Lorenzo Lamas is in that movie??? How did it fail to get nominated for an Oscar? Damn, but that guy is a putz. He was on Alan Thicke's talk show here in Canada over 20 years ago, demonstrating some martial arts moves for Thicke, but Thicke really wasn't aware of how much of a nutjob he was. As Thicke kept up his talk show shtick after the first couple of moves, Lamas purposely booted him in the thigh about as hard as he could. Thicke was kind of taken aback that the goof wouldn't stop short, and Lamas had this "what are you gonna do about it?" sneer on his face.


That last clip of the shark sailing up into the sky to latch on to the jet was too much. If the shark taking a chomp out of the bridge wasn't enough to cross the threshold of suspension of disbelief, that jet attack kicked down the damn door. WHO writes that crap?

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You are all making fun of Lorenzo Lamas, but Deborah Gibson? In that piece of shit? I think the casting director and the writer(s) were drinking the same bath water....

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Ah-HEM. Bad Movie Geek coming thru here.


As soon as the "Mega Shark Vs. Giant Octopus" trailer started making the rounds a while back my inner 8-year-old boy who LOVES Giant Monster Movies immediately said "I MUST SEE THIS!"


So I finally watched it a couple of Saturdays ago and it was exactly what I wanted to see. I laughed my ass off all the way through it. The script is laughable, the acting is a joke and the special effects are terrible. But I didn't EXPECT it to be a masterpiece so I wasn't disappointed in the slightest.


Unless you actually enjoy a bad-on-purpose movie once in awhile, though (or you're an obsessive fan of Debbie Gibson, who plays the female lead) you can probably skip it.

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