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Whatever happened to?

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OK, post your whatever happened to's here and we'll see if anyone can find out what they are doing.


My first one is Jan Barnett - used to sing in the German metal band Rough Silk. Once he left the band's releases very quickly turned to shit. Any news on him? Last I heard he was doign ads and jungles or something.


Another one is Harry K Cody, the guitar slinger from Shotgun Messiah. One of my faves of all time - what happened to him after Violent New Breed?

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Cool thread..


Since all the talk of 'Velvet Revolver in need of a new vocalist, I've been curious..

what ever happened to 'Rod Jackson who fronted Slash's Snakepit Ain't Life Grand release. & why has he not been considered



To answer my first question, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rod_Jackson


still wondering why has he not been considered for Velvet Revolver

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According to Slash, the man was too strung out all the time..."hello, kettle? this is the pot...you're black!" :P


I was thinking the same thing when I read that in Slash's book.

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A few bands I've been listening to lately and I was wondering what happened to:


Dirty Penny - two great albums, but where did they go?

Frenchkiss - the French band with a promising EP from 2010?

Counterclock - great modern rock from 2009? Just a once off?

Distorted Wonderland - another promising and highly regarded debut - but where'd they go?

Outland - great AOR band from recent years. Two killer discs, then gone?

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Distorted Wonderland - another promising and highly regarded debut - but where'd they go?



I'll second that, Never Had Nothing is a great track along with Losing It and In For A Thrill


Looking back further in the thread there isn't a lot of info on Harry K Cody out there still

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Who now???

U don't know who she is or you don't know what has happened to her??????! :)



No idea who she is at all. ;)

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... and that is why. Sorry Chang, but I'm sure most people are quite content not knowing (who she is or) what happened to her... they're just grateful she's gone. ;)

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... and that is why. Sorry Chang, but I'm sure most people are quite content not knowing (who she is or) what happened to her... they're just grateful she's gone. ;)

No, Nikka's not gone.....at least I think.....:)......in any case, she was quite poppy, but was the daughter of Don Costa, one of rock's greatest arrangers......ignorance is bliss, ain't it??!!:):)

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What happened to Michael Morales? I know he got into some trouble with the law a while back but that has to be settled by now, right?


Good question. A quick look on the net looks like all the jail stuff would have ended in 2005, if not earlier, so he's been out for a while. Wikipedia just seems to say he's a family man running his own music teaching business these days. Shame he never recorded any more music. Excellent artist.


And Chang, who on earth is Don Costa?! I'm getting the feeling that my ignorance to all of these people you're mentioning is definitely a blissful bonus. ;)

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    • Same for me.  I thought the first single was decent but nothing else grabbed me. 
    • New lyric video for 'Save Us From Ourselves'.    
    • 'Hail To The Heroes' out February 11th. New video for 'Primeval Desire'.    
    • Battlegod Productions. Although I ordered directly from the bands website...The band messsaged to say they were waiting for payment to clear after it was received, then messaged to say they had received payment about 2 weeks later...still waiting on it actually being sent...ah well
    • That's actually a pretty cool song. Better than his previous bands for sure. I gotta agree with Auslander, though. Something a bit off-putting about those backing vocals. Some are nice, but particularly the ones at the start of the chorus are, as I said, "off-putting."  I've had lukewarm reactions to backing vocals in the past, though, and sometimes I get past it. Hopefully this is one of those occasions?
    • I have been summoned. #1 - plods along and goes absolutely nowhere. Sorry, no cup of seme- uh, tea. #2 - certainly a bit more lively that the first one. Not bad, but it's very, very basic stuff. Okay tune. #3 - yeah, sadly just not my thing. As weak as, if not weaker than the first track.  Sorry cob, I think it's going to have to be a pass from me.  
    • Yeah, I do agree and I don't want people to get me wrong. I'm not a defund the police type or anything like that. My respect for the police is at the lowest it has been in my entire life, but I hope it is something that can be restored in time... though the longer this all goes on, the less hope I have at all for a future worth looking forward to. But that's another story.  I do have some regard for police officers "just following orders" but I've seen and heard way too much to have too much sympathy. And I agree that it is the policy makers that I despise most of all, but I'd have liked to have seen some sort of resistance from the police in all of this. It's been my biggest issue through the whole thing. In the media, government and the police force, there are so few voices (and definitely no significant voices) opposing the ridiculous nature of what has happened over the last two years and is still ongoing.  I don't understand it all, but are the police part of the government, or is there some separation there? If you're given absolutely absurd rules to enforce, I would like to see opposition to it. And as I do with everything, I think what I would do in their situation. If I was a police officer, and I had a family to feed, what would I do? Would I stand outside a grocery store and fine a couple who removed their masks as they walked out the store? Sure as all fuckery, I would not. I've been asked by several officers throughout the last couple of years to put my mask on before a fine was issued, so I'm 100%, definitely not just painting all police with the same brush. I know there's exceptions to every rule. But for any officer who's first instinct was to fine for mask breaches, or insane area restrictions or any of the entirely petty, pathetic laws we've had to endure over the last couple of years, for them I have no respect whatsoever. Even if you're put in the terrible situation they've been put in, there's still a way you can handle it, and a lot of the ways I've seen and heard it handled is not something I can respect.  Anyway, I watched a cool video today. It's as if this guy took every thought I've had on the whole pandemic and said it in proper, intelligent words. If I wasn't as dumb as a wooden post these are the words I'd be saying-  
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