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Congrats to Koogles

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A high five goes out to our very Koogles for reaching over 10,000 feedback on Ebay. Thousands of cd's later and just about as much payed in fees we can see his bright yellow shooting star.


Unlike the Olympics, Koogles has been a "clean" performer: no bootlegs, no cheap cd-r's, no fakes and nothing to do with anything Russian. :lol: We all know Olympics with clean Russians don't happen very often.



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Congratulations Tony.....Well Done.


By the way, not only is Tony a great E Bay seller..........he's actually not "too bad" of a fellow .....



I don't want to stroke him too hard, he may explode!!!! :bowdown:

Actually.....a great guy who really works hard at what he does!


You deserve a pat on the back my friend,


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Yup great seller. :tumbsup:


Yup, I can only agree ! Well done, Tony !! :beerbang:

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Hey thanks to everyone for the congrats. I am really flattered, but it's just a number really. Now if I had a CD for every feedback, then that would be different, right? :) And then I guess my name would be James Gebbia! LOL. (And I would still have some catching up to do!)


Thanks again- and thanks to Dave for the thread!


Cheers from Canada,


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