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Crooked X

Rafo Phoenix

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Crooked X - Crooked X - 2009


As is usual with newer metal bands on the mainstream market, you can either be so ridiculously heavy that radio refuses to play you (a la Mastodon) or you can cater to the masses and give them accessible headbanging. Crooked X appears to be one of those bands that fall under the latter description, but not without taking a bite out first. In the spirit of Black Tide and a generation of Guitar Hero talents, Crooked X pushes this concept further: none of the band’s members are over the age of 14 WOW!


Highly recommended to Heavy Harmonies


Site : http://crookedx.com


Myspace : http://www.myspace.com/crookedx


Members : http://crookedx.com/bio


Style : Hard Rock/Metal(Modern and Classic)



1. Gone

2. Adrenaline

3. Time is Now

4. Rock N Roll Dream

5. Fade

6. You Gotta Bleed

7. Nail in the Coffin

8. Nightmare

9. Death of Me

10. Control


My fav songs "Gone, Adrenaline, Time is Now, You Gotta Bleed, Nightmare"


My rating 90/100.

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Sounds pretty good, I have to say. Cannot believe how young they are - they look like little grommets you catch hanging around the beach in remote coastal towns - lol. Good tunes, though, and I'll have to check them out.

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Those guys were from a town near me. I saw them live once. I'll have to check, but I think my review of them is actually on this site. I wasn't there to see them, they just so happened to be on the same bill as Dangerous Toys.


I will admit that I think it's cool that they're from Oklahoma, but I'm not too impressed with their music.


I just found my review of the show.

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Just listened to this today. Good, solid stuff but nothing jumped out at me on first listen. I will spin it again, though.

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MTV or VH1 ran a special the other night on this guys. Impressive - in every way. They're 14 but they (mostly) don't act it. Let's hope their parents keep 'em in Oklahoma and don't decide to "make the big move" to Hollywood. They'll be fucked if they do.


I TiVo'd that show..........will need to watch it asap.

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The Tour Bus was playing them a month ago, said they were barely legal, they didnt sound to bad, nothing really special either, good for whats coming out in america though.

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barely legal

That reminds me I need to pick up this months copy....thanks!!!




Thats what im here for.

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Hmmm, just can't really get into this. It's seriously not bad and even though I would never recommend this to a Skid Row fan and the dude does not sound like Bach, I just cannot shake the vibe I'm getting with this dude's voice. No higher notes, but the more aggresive side of his voice keeps reminding me of Skid Row. But yeah, overall the songs just don't pull it through for me. Okay, but not great, imo.

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