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Rock on Satellite Radio


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I'm running XM right now and I am lovin' Rock @ Random, on XM161

It's like they hijacked my CD collection, stole my iPod, and read my mind.

They play everything I like and not much that I don't like.

Right now it's Queensryche's Jet City Woman.

Hey there... first of all welcome! Secondly what's this XM161 about? I just canceled my sub a few weeks ago after hearing that not only was XM41 (Boneyard) history, but that it would morph into a hair nation/buzzsaw blend or some such... I am intrigued by this XM161. Unfortunately I drove my only car with XM into a large body of water last week so I won't even be able to check it out until I get my car back...

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Here in Blighty I listen to Planet Rock off of the dish.


Me too matey, some great stuff played on this, better than the crappy Radio 1 :tumbsup:

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My wife's car has Sirius in it. Pretty much the only channels I listen to are Hair Nation (hair-metal), Octane (modern hard rock), and Hard Attack (heavy/thrash metal). Octane gets the most play, because Hair Nation gives you the same songs over and over again (I swear if you only listened to Hair Nation you would think the only 3 songs Kiss ever recorded are "Shout it out Loud," "Heaven's on Fire," & "Lick it up"), and Hard Attack often features bands a little more extreme than I care for. But honestly, if satellite radio as it currently exists fell off the face of the planet, I couldn't care less.

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Last night we had on Hair Nation which was playing some great tunes last night and also the channel that plays suff like Journey and Tom Petty which was also kicking out some great songs as well

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  • My Little Pony

I'd like to get satellite radio in my car, 'cause I have a Japanese import with a stereo that doesn't reach any domestic frequencies.

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