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Now that I've gotten to know a few of you a little better........


Ok gang.........it's time.


This is a little game about music. The first person posts a song and the artist who did that song. The next person takes at least one word from that song title and posts a new song title and the artist who did it.....and so and so and so forth. You can also take a form of a word........as in: Dance can be Danced, Dancer, or Dancing......


Mindless?? Maybe........but it can be a lot of fun too!! ;)



First song...........hmmmmm........


Don't Let Me Down - Shag

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29 Palms - Robert Plant


:lol: A little far out perhaps...

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Groannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!! Bad Pete!! :lol:



NIGHT By NIGHT - Dokken (before whiplash gets this one in!! :P )

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    • P.S. The advice recommendations and classifications may have changed dramatically in the wake of the new variants and boosters. Originally-held opinions re: having already had COVID may be completely different now.
    • It's a good question and I'd be interested in a good answer. I have heard that naturally developed antibodies aren't necessarily long term effective, but I could be wrong. I can't remember the specifics. 
    • That seems odd. If you've been told (by medical authorities) that you don't need to be vaccinated because you've already had COVID-19, then with respect to restrictions/requirements you should be classified as vaccinated. I recall early on that someone who had already contracted COVID was considered equivalent to vaccinated, but that was only for a finite window, e.g., for N days after having the disease; it wasn't a permanent classification... but that may have changed. Because yeah, if they're telling you not to get the vaccintation, but you have to act as if unvaccinated, that's a complete bullshit of a no-mans-land to be stuck in.
    • Vision were a mid-80s band that were formed by Lynyrd Skynyrd members Billy Powell and Leon Wilkeson. This song is from their 1985 album. It's straight up hard rock with a very slight Southern tinge.  
    • I've had covid so I'm supposedly good. Better than the vaccine. Why am I considered unvaccinated?  I was told I didn't need the vax.   
    • Ehh? Nobody ever said that getting vaccinated prevents you from getting the disease. It doesn't make you immune. It lowers your chances of contracting it and passing it on, and more importantly greatly lowers the effect of COVID-19 *IF* you get it. Just like a flu shot doesn't prevent you from getting the flu. Cumulatively across the population, the fewer non-active hosts the virus has a chance to spread to, the lesser the chance it continues on. While it may not die out entirely, having a fully immunized population means that any flare-ups will be much smaller in size and severity.
    • They should start testing everyone who is fully vaccinated and determine the percentage of them that test positive. Why after your double jab are you considered immune to the disease when that's simply not true. Your symptoms might be less severe but you could still die and you could still be passing on to other people who it might kill. Why are they not testing the fully vaccinated? 
    • Forever All Over Again - Night Ranger
    • Thats the cd,the vinyl is ltd ed pink or black but the ltd edition pink is sold out on their site already.
    • Is it a picture disc? It looks like a The Midnight album cover on the LP. 
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