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  1. We wish him luck, if he wants contact details for other staions give me a shout.
  2. So the bribe didn't work.................gutted
  3. Only heard A Life In Glory, hope the rest of the album is in the same vein.
  4. Yep it's a good album, don't really care whether it sounds like anyone else.........
  5. Well it was a fairly truthful view of communism as seen by George Orwell. I enjoyed it when I first read it.
  6. A heavier style would be Michael Katon http://www.katon.com/ I love his stuff and managed to see him back in the 80's at the Marquee, fantastic gig.
  7. Really looking forward to it, already got it on pre-order
  8. Well Facebook has certainly put pay to many a message board. As for all the crap update on FB, you can determine what you see and if you install FB Purity you can remove a whole host of other crap like adverts, the ticker tape news feed etc.
  9. Well got both of my tickets delivered which is more then can be said for a few unlucky people whose paypal payments went somehow to the wrong person namely the website designer's girlfriend. A bit fishy????
  10. The show can now be heard on BeRock Online Rock Radio.
  11. I've played both. Julian's a great guy, in fact myself & the show are name checked in the Beautiful Beast sleeve notes.
  12. I am so fucking tired, what the fuck have I done to have fibro?????
  13. Good stuff, played them on the show last year.
  14. Danny Bryant's RedEyeBand - Night Life
  15. Looking forward to the album for sure.
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