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  1. And Saturday's Headliners are - Pretty Maids
  2. I really like it, makes a change from the samey sounding Frontiers releases (Pretty Maids not included)
  3. I'll be seeing them tomorrow night at the launch gig. The album will be on the door mat when I get home tonight.
  4. Mansfield is near Nottingham. The rest of the line up is looking rather good although my lips are sealed at the moment.
  5. Should be titled ' Because We Can't (Rock Anymore)' Think they need to go backto searching for JBJ's bollocks!!
  6. The Shakra album is a definate grower. Really like it. John Prakash is a really nice guy too. Spoke to him for quite awhile when I interviewed him a couple of months ago.
  7. I'm going for it this year, travelling up the Thursday, then back home Monday. Can't wait to see Heaven's Edge, Von Groove, Baton Rouge, Brighton Rock, Treat, Hardline, Eclipse, Work Of Art, Eden's Curse & The Magnificent.
  8. Liking the new album but still prefer their self titled album
  9. I do rather like their 1st album
  10. 21st & 22nd September 2013 The Intake Mansfield Bands announced so far - Knock Out Kaine, Tainted Nation, Teazer, Code Of Silence, Coldspell, Moritz and Rob Mancini
  11. The album is absolutly fantastic, everything as it should be from a Pretty Maids album 10/10
  12. Well I've listened to it three times hoping that at some point it would ignite some excitement. But sadly no, bland & boring I'm afraid!
  13. The I AM I version is great, as is their album.
  14. I have issues with car headlights due to my aversion to bright lights due to my fibromyalgia. When I am forced to drive in the dark , I wear night driving glasses which reduce the glare.
  15. Firebrand Rock Radio announced a weekend contest being held from today, Friday, December 7 until Sunday, December 9. Winners will be announced on Monday, December 10. The contest is a scavenger hunt of sorts, based on the prizes. Four questions will be given, and they are: 1. The band Broken Romeo calls what US city it’s home? 2. What is the name of the band The Hush’s lead singer? 3. The band Agents of Chaos was formed in what year? 4. Name one national act that the band Memory of A Melody has performed with. (HINT – to find the answer, simply visit the bands websites and/or Faceb
  16. I'd rather sew my head to the carpet then use iTunes...........
  17. On this weekend's Rockposer's Roulette, I shall be chatting with Terry Ilous (Great White / XYZ)
  18. With the show now on Firebrand Rock Radio, that's yet another way to listen to the show. All show times, show updates & a new interviews section can be found at http://www.rockposer.com
  19. I do wish he'd reform the Network & not just for the one off show thy're doing.
  20. It is a damn good album, listened to it 3 or 4 times now and I'm really enjoying it
  21. Will definatly be grabbing this one
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