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  1. It's not too bad a release, not a disc that grabs you but nothing off putting.
  2. It has to be said Jeff's teeth were unbelievably white! Part 2 of the interviews are on tomorrows show 1pm GMT http://www.firebrandrockradio.com/
  3. The remake of Red Dawn, not that I managed to watch all this turgid heap of crap!!
  4. If JSS Or Martensson had been involved in this, people would be proclaiming it as the second coming i'll bet Perhaps they should've asked one of them along - they needed at least one objective voice to tell them the truth... In all fairness Tim your not going to be objective based on the type of music listed under your user details. This is AOR not thrash or death metl.
  5. already?!!! Damn,I have to wait another month to hear this I get sent advances from various labels for my show/website
  6. Currently reading Deadline by Simon Kernick. Really like his books.
  7. Jut a little write up and some photos of this year's HRH AOR festival -https://rockposer.wordpress.com/2013/04/14/hrh-aor-2013/
  8. A very solid album indeed. Redrum are appearing at Skyfest this September.
  9. Rene Shades is my special guest on tomorrow's Rockposer's Roulette.
  10. They've done one half decent song since New Jersey and that was Dry County. Apart from that they've become a corporate waste of space.
  11. Saw them for the first time at HRH AOR and they were awesome.
  12. Well it ain't overhyped, it is an excellent album and they went down a storm at HRH AOR.
  13. Just been sent the album and enjoying it, typical Poodles which to me is a good thing.
  14. The Poodles - Tour de Force Burning Rain - Epic Obsession
  15. Coming soon to Firebrand Rock Radio… A new show by the great Danny Vaughn! The legendary Tyketto front man brings his new show “Me and My Big Mouth” here exclusive to Firebrand Rock Radio starting May 10, 2013 from 8-10pm UK time. So make sure you tune in for an amazing show from Danny Vaughn, only heard here on Firebrand Rock Radio!
  16. I've always liked FM, but I'm afraid the new album just ain't grabbing me.
  17. I've got an advance copy nd gave it 10/10 in my album review.
  18. Tickets are available from - http://alturl.com/hrhrp
  19. A good album, but not my favorite ZZ album.
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