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  1. Two great songs. Different songs, same Title, same sentiment.
  2. Yep, familiar with The Red Green Show and I loved the "Kids In The Hall". I always thought that Kevin McDonald was one of the most underrated comedians of his time.
  3. I'm still Pro-Trump, don't get me wrong, but I'm also Pro Glen's prophetic skills. Although, I guess you didn't really have to be Nostradamus to see it coming. Just over three weeks away from who the Fuck knows what.
  4. Another classic. Cheesy as fuck, but still magnificent. Robin Zander at the end is the cherry on top.
  5. We have a television station down here called the "ABC" (Australian Broadcasting Corporation". They've always had a lot of English and Canadian content. Maybe not so much Canadian these days, but when I was younger there was quite a lot of stuff from Canada that I used to watch after school. Here's a list of TV shows that I have fond memories of and I was wondering if my Canadian friends could tell me how popular they were in Canada. The Beachcombers Degrassi Junior High Wayne & Shuster The Edison Twins You Can't Do That On Television (yes, I know about Alanis Mo
  6. I only found out today that October 5th marked 10 years since Steve Lee's passing. This is the first Gotthard song I ever heard and I'll never forget it. My best friend at the time came back from seeing a mutual friend, who was also into this music, with a cassette he recorded from a killer cd. He then proceeded to play it to me and , of course, it blew my mind. A couple of days later my friend returned from a visit to the our "go to" cd store (didn't invite me BTW) with a copy of the disc. I was gutted and that night went to the same store to hunt down a copy. The store was called
  7. A reworking from the "Steve Lee" tribute album that suits this thread nicely.
  8. A new "Steve Lee" tribute album from "Gotthard" featuring this previously unreleased cover. October 5th marked 10 years since his death. Can you believe it's been 10 years?! https://www.nuclearblast.de/en/label/music/band/discography/details/6802740.71029.steve-lee-the-eyes-of-a-tiger-a-gotthard-tribute-to-our-unforgotten-friend.html
  9. I just beat you to it mate.
  10. I'm expecting a massive tribute on "RAGE" this weekend.
  11. DGM - Surrender. One from the new album. Another band that is always great value.
  12. Back in 1979 the "Victorian Football League", now the "Australian Football League", released a promotional song called "Up There Cazaly". At the time this was huge! and is still probably the Aussie Rules anthem. Roy Cazaly was a Footballer from the 1920's who was renowned for taking high marks (catches). There's a very famous photo down here of him taking a spectacular one handed grab. This is borderline Australian National Anthem material.
  13. Another great VH intro, this time from Sammy's era. This emphasizes the value of Eddie's musicianship when it came to VH's iconic sound and the use of keyboards.
  14. This was without doubt, the song that sent "Van Halen" into the stratosphere. I guess today also marks the end of "Van Halen". They couldn't possibly replace Eddie and we would all be disgusted if they tried.
  15. Where do you begin? I'll post two. One from each era. Are they my favourites? I don't know, but they've meant alot to me and I love both. The first one might seem an odd choice, but he loved his "keys" and they were a big part of the VH sound.
  16. This definitely caught me by surprise. A lot of the music we love just wouldn't exist without him and the influence he had on many, many others. There'll be a lot of VH being played all over the world today. I hope his passing gets the coverage it deserves in the media. R.I.P.
  17. Ha! I'm just giving you shit mate. I do know what you mean. He did overdo it sometimes. I love "Mama Don't You Cry". One of the best ballads ever. However, I've always found it slightly annoying the way he sings "Mama" in the chorus. It's probably a 9.5, but without that it would be a 10 for me.
  18. Even after he's been dead for a year, he'll still be better looking than Dylan.
  19. I was listening to this track today and it reminded me of this exchange between two Titans of this forum. I remember thinking at the time, "Oh Alpha, how could you". This song and the first two Steelheart albums are part of my DNA.
  20. What does the "Who's on 1st" reference mean, or is that your favourite Audrey Hepburn movie?
  21. Riverdogs - America. I've always loved this album and song. I always thought that it was a shame that they went with a slightly anti American vibe ala, "Born in the USA". Change the lyrics slightly and replace "were" with "are" in the chorus and this would have been a more uplifting song IMHO. Still great though.
  22. I'd forgotten about this one. Another one that is arguably the best ever.
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