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  1. Going for the bronze tomorrow.
  2. Thanks KarpetRyde.Hope you get to see EWF in concert this year.
  3. Elton John-Goodbye Yellow Brick Road Gwen Stefani-The Sweet Escape Yes-Keys To Ascension 2
  4. I just drove into my neighborhood after coming home from the mall and somebody still has the Christmas decorations lit up !I mean,really -the manger and the star are lit up.Unplug them already !!!~
  5. Another big game coming up !
  6. New from Ebay: Ted Poley-Greatest Hits Volume 2 Used: Cry of Love-Brother The Guess Who-American Woman,These Eyes & Other Stories SR71-Tomorrow Utopia-City in My Head
  7. Here's the 19 CD's I got on Super Bowl Sunday.I paid $3.00 for all of them.Worst case scenario,which seems very likely,is that I got a lot of extra jewel cases for a pretty cheap price ! Michael Bolton-This Is The Time-Christmas Bon Jovi-The Circle Michelle Branch-Hotel Paper Toni Braxton-S/T -The Heat The Calling-Camino Palmero Shawn Colvin-A Few Small Repairs Dido-Life For Rent Eve-Scorpion Guitar Hero III-Legends of Rock Companion Pack The Little Willies-S/T Aimee Mann-Whatever Natalie Merchant Ophelia Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist-Soundtrack Ph
  8. Listen to some Modern Rock for your birthday ! We'll get that new category in here somehow !
  9. I don't usually pay attention to the winter games but Saturday's men's hockey game between the USA and Russia should be exciting.
  10. We're getting hammered with snow.Can't even imagine any baseball at this time !
  11. From Studboy-Steve.Thanks again ! Aldo Nova-Blood On The Bricks Sebastian Bach& Friends-Bring "Em Bach Alive ! Beautiful Creatures-Deuce Black Sabbath-Born Again Britny Fox-Long Way To Live! Cinderella-Live At The Keyclub Lillian Axe-Love and War
  12. It's okay.Probably better than Walk The Chalk.The guitar player owns a music store about 2 miles away from my house.He's still playing in a few bands locally.One of them is called Rat Tail Jimmy,which plays mostly 80's music.
  13. I was looking them over and some are pretty bad.I'll have to list them in the CD's I've bought category.The Michael Bolton Christmas CD is probably the worst.
  14. That's insane.Also what I'm interested in is Triffid.That was a band my brother-in-laws brother was in.He was the drummer.I have a copy of that CD that still has the Rihno records $5.99 price on it.Right now he's the lead singer for a band called'The Art of War".They're on facebook and have their own web site.
  15. Like the song goes"It's not the kill,it's the thrill of the chase" !
  16. So last Sunday was the Super Bowl and I always go to a friends house to play cards and then watch the game.But this year I told my wife the card game was starting early.So I left early,drove to a library book sale that was about 20 minutes in the opposite direction and picked up quite a few CD's that were only $3.00 total.Some I probably don't even want but I figure I could keep the jewel cases ! I couldn't wait to get to my friend's house and reward myself with a beer !
  17. R.E.M.-Document Joe Satriani-Surfing With The Alien
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