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  1. A Little Ain't Enough-David Lee Roth
  2. The Smoker You Drink,The Player You Get-Joe Walsh
  3. ^^^^ Smart Move ! If I have to pay $20 for Walk the Chalk someone's gonna have to throw in Polish the Knob !
  4. I went with Joan Jett but I like 'em all !
  5. Can't Get There From Here was the last thing I heard from Great White.If there is a new release this year I'll be getting it !
  6. IMO they had the best CD of 2012 !
  7. Looks like these 3 are going to be touring this summer !
  8. I've always hated the Steelers !
  9. B.T.O.-Best Of B.T.O. Frente!-Marvin The Album Limp Bizkit-Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water Scorpions-Best of Rockers 'N' Ballads Squeeze-Singles-45's and Under
  10. The Drop-Michael Connelly
  11. Just saying Manning went to Tennessee in college and had the opportunity to retire playing for the state that rooted for him in college.He's a southern boy .He's not obligated to play for the Titans but since they basically offered him the same deal(if not better) than Denver I thought he would choose to play for the Titans.But he chose to go with Elway so now I will root against Manning. The other ironic thing is that when Elway came out of college he refused to play for the Colts.So I know a couple of Colts fans who hate Elway for that reason.So now Manning signs with the Broncos and Elw
  12. I'm a Tennessee Titan fan and I say Screw Manning because he had the opportunity to go back to Tenn and finish his career but he preferred his little love fest with Elway.So I root against Manning all the time.It was great to see him get embarrassed like this.He's now the master of the 5 yard pass.The deep ball has left him.He now owns a new record-most post season losses by a QB-12 !
  13. C'mon ,we've had a few days above freezing ! I know I broke an extension cord/outlet yanking it out of the ground.I figure less stuff to put up next Christmas !
  14. Very glad that Seattle won !
  15. Okay,it's been over a month since Christmas.It's time for everyone to remove all the outdoor decorations from their lawns,doors,porches,etc...
  16. If they do they wouldn't be on a beach.
  17. How much is an indecent ticket ?
  18. I just checked ebay and you can get Walk The Chalk for $62.99 .A much better price than $275 or $337.But who the hell are Walk The Chalk?
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