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  1. :lol:You can send it to me,if you want !!
  2. Black Sabbath-Dehumanizer -13 Great White-Psycho City Yngwie Malmsteen-Trilogy
  3. I have no problem with her.
  4. Welcome Simo.I'm old but not one of the members with 10,000 posts or more.
  5. Who boils a gallon of water anyways? Remember what the Diceman answered when his teacher asked him what the difference was between 6 and 3.That's right,teach what's the fuckin' difference between 6 and 3 .Now get over here and blow me !
  6. I remember the good old days when you had a headlight go out you could replace the whole unit in one easy step.Today they have light bulbs which adds more aggravation than anything.Of course the headlight out is the one where the hood holder stick is located so there's another obstacle to get around !
  7. Bananarama-Greatest Hits Extreme-III Sides To Every Story Halford-Crucible Killers-Sawdust Ricky Martin-S/T Nine Inch Nails-The Slip UFO-Strangers in the Night
  8. Great job,KarpetRyde ! Out of all of those I'd say Alice Cooper Billion Dollar Babies is the best one !
  9. R.E.M was always the same 4 members until the drummer had a health issue.
  10. Pat Benatar-Very Best Of Collective Soul-Youth Information Society-Hits Third Eye Blind-Blue Smashing Metal-Compilation 2Pac-Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z.
  11. nyoilers

    March Madness

    It's starting soon.....
  12. I bought the CD from Target with 4 extra songs and I like 3 of the 4 extra songs.
  13. Maybe you have them confused with another band.
  14. Imagine Dragons-Smoke+Mirrors Revolution Saints-S/T Traveling Wilburys-Vol.3
  15. Jez,you bought some nice CD's this past week !
  16. ^^^^ Oh,you'd be surprised.My next one is Oingo Boingo-Best of Boingo.Another band that I heard the song Weird Science from the movie with the same name.17 songs on the CD and that is the best one.Most of the other songs suck.
  17. I like 'If You Leave" so I bought the CD and that's the only song on it I really like.But there are other CD's of greatest hits that also stink.
  18. Some groups have put out greatest hits/best of's when they only have one good song .I just listened to Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark-Best of OMD and there was one good song on it !Maybe there were a couple others I could bear to listen to again but 16 songs and 75% of them suck.
  19. A few of the reissues I have don't fit this category...oh my,what to do????
  20. So far it's 2 votes yes and 0 votes no.
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