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  1. Pat Benatar-Live From Earth Tommy James and the Shondells-Best Of Mudvayne-The Beginning of All Things To End David Sanborn-Love Songs
  2. ^^^^I guess I'm just a crazy American !
  3. I'm kinda in the middle on this one.Don't love it but don't hate it ,either.
  4. The Best Band You Never Heard In Your Life-Frank Zappa
  5. Piss? Bite? I'm not into that !
  6. Sting In the Tail-The Scorpions
  7. ^^^^ Maybe he found out you're an American like I am ! You're both 87 platinum records and a drug addiction to match-what's up with that?
  8. ^^^Why not? I see that you like Modern Rock ! If there was a category for this we could have a lot of musical discussions !
  9. So looking this up Dream Theater is considered progressive metal? I thought Tool would be modern rock but I guess they are progressive metal.But I consider ELP to be prog rock and they are in the same category as Tool.That makes as much sense as Jethro Tull and Metallica being in the same category !
  10. Yes,Listen to KarpetRyd ! Here are the music categories1)AOR and Hard Rock 2)Sleaze Glam 3)Heavy Metal 4)Christian Rock and Metal 5)Prog Rock and Metal We need a 6th Category-Modern Rock Groups like the ones I mentioned should have their own category and not be lumped in with other musical styles like classical,rap,jazz,etc... What exactly is Prog Rock and Metal? Is there such a thing as metal prog rock?
  11. Seahawks all the way !!!!!!!!
  12. :help:I'm just a rookie here.I don't know what the brutal metal pages are !
  13. It's not nice to be hatin' on John 5 !
  14. Under music we should have a Modern Rock category.I listen to music that I consider Heavy Metal like A7X but a lot of people consider that Modern Rock.Also,music I consider metal like 5FDP a lot of people consider that Modern Rock.Where do groups like Halestorm,Ghost B.C.,Stone Sour,Otep and John 5 fit in?
  15. I guess I did accomplish what I wanted .EWF is good but not worthy to be compared to the legends of rock and roll.If we categorize them,say as an R&B group,they may be top ten.But looking at the whole picture of music if you compare their body of work to others you will agree with me. Also,it is interesting to me how people now can recognize a song but not identify it with a group.Since I was listening to the radio as the same time as my daughter we heard that REO Speedwagon was touring.I asked her if she ever heard of them and she said no.So I ask her if she'd ever heard I Can't Fight Th
  16. If what I listen to is considered Modern Rock then Modern Rock should have its own category !
  17. I heard about it but watch very little if any TV.I hope they make at least 1 more studio album.Nostradamus,their last release of new material,is probably the worst thing they've ever released !
  18. All 7 on my list fill the bill of AOR/Hard Rock/Metal .
  19. While I am unable(for some reason) to quote or cut & paste on this site I'll have to do this the old fashion way. To AlphaMale-Here are 7 groups you have in your top 15 of 2013 releases that I've never heard of.Faith Circus ,LaValle, Niterain,Vega,Newman,Fate ,Eden's Curse.Maybe I listen to commercial rock or American rock or whatever but here is my top 7 list of 2013.See if you've heard of any of these groups/performers: 1.David Bowie-The Next Day 2.Avenged Sevenfold-Hail To The King 3.Five Finger Death Punch-The Wrong Side of Heaven and ...Vol.1 4.The Rides-Can't Get Enough 5.Queen
  20. ^^^^ Just responding to something that was posted in another thread and decided to start a thread about EWF.I'll gladly talk about any rock groups but I must be honest.There's quite a few groups who some posters put on their best of 2013 list that I haven't even heard of.But on the other hand I'll post my top 5 of 2013 and can almost guarantee that 3 of the groups/performers will not be on anyone else's top 5 list.
  21. While they may be a good band,they are not a top ten or even a top 20 band.I did ask my 15 year old daughter if she heard of them and she said no.Maybe she might recognize a song of theirs but that doesn't escalate them into a top ten band.So basically what I'm saying is that if anyone here on this site listed their top 10 bands/performers/acts...,Earth,Wind and Fire would not make the list.
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