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  1. harsh comments here. I'm liking it a lot. how is aftershock not classic scarem? you guys are listening to another album or what
  2. sounds fine to me. a whole album of that & I'll be happy
  3. Actress : J Law Gal Gadot Porn star : Megan Rain
  4. finally they've got the production right. very cool
  5. first album was really good but then they went way too cheesy and theatrical for my liking.
  6. the Kiss of Life rerecording was better than the last 2 albums
  7. Glen


    silly to live in fear of it if you're like 15 yeah. What about if you're 70-90 and not in great health....then you'd be well worried. I'm 50 and have mixed feelings. No real underlying issues so you'd hope there would be no complications but I would not want my parents or my wife's parents catching it. We also have 1 uncle and 1 aunt with Parkinson and 1 with a respiratory issue - I dread to think.
  8. Glen


    many tourists will not arrive because they can't get there. Flights to Spain from the UK were turned around mid flight. my wife has postponed her trip to Portugal until October. this will have far reaching consequences for every countries tourism industry
  9. I won't be listening for defo. The band lost all interest for me after Steve passed. As you say different band now.
  10. it's better than 70% but a way off Address The Nation imo.
  11. great band and excellent live too. just hope they improve the bloody production. Get back to Stereo Messiah sound
  12. first single is next Friday I think
  13. I disagree about songs tho - Adrenaline is prob my fav track on the album. I also love We Are Gods and Come Clean.
  14. today is the first time I've properly sat down and listened to this. thumbs up from me. Harry over sings a bit but that's nothing new pretty strong throughout and I really liked the 2 ballads
  15. I've only played this album twice! Been very busy admittedly but for some reason I don't feel compelled to play it. It's very generic for the large part.
  16. i hope so - this is their best song
  17. Glen


    that's not gonna happen. it will come back. UK is even suggesting this could become a seasonal thing. They are expecting at least 70% of the country to get it to create a herd type immunity. Crazy times and I fear for the older population especially in my family
  18. me too. These 2 songs are OK but still not much when you go back and listen to Sultans.
  19. have liked most of this stuff so far so looking forward to the album
  20. Glen


    my brother in law in Denmark has just advised the country is in lockdown as of now !
  21. Glen


    wow, very sorry to hear that
  22. Glen


    flamefest panic buying absolutely. however I would never belittle this virus. At the end of the day the media are only reporting what is happening and the action being taken by governments at the advice of Who and experts whom I am guessing are far more in the know that anyone on this board. When you look at Italy what is happening there is quite startling - 10,000 cases and what 600 deaths. That's a pretty scary stat and a much higher mortality rate than seasonal flu so you can understand why drastic lockdown action is being taken. I would imagine we will be seeing similar action in the UK in 1-2 weeks if the number of cases continues to grow. As for toilet roll I can pretty much walk into any store here and buy loo roll (except maybe an Asda which are frequented by pikeys) so maybe this says more about aussies than humans in general
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