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  1. song is perfectly fine and sounds like Vega
  2. that singer is damned good in that last vid. production sounds great as well.
  3. depends what you're playing it on. I listen to nearly everything on my phone on Spotify and to be honest with melodic rock there is very little difference between releases. now melodic rock vs chart is a different story.....that stuff walks all over our genre but then millions are probably pumped in
  4. it's sounds good but I have no clue what he is on about
  5. people including the likes of Iron Maiden (up to 7th Son), Dio (first 2), Jouney , Boston etc is crazy talk. So many classic songs. That said now you can crucify me Aerosmith Led Zep Queensryche - operation mindcrime is the most overrated album of all time Motley Crue TNT - about 10 good songs Judas Priest Black n Blue Great White White Lion Ghost Firehouse (apart from All She Wrote) Rush. (I've tried) ZZ Top Status Quo Kansas Styx Yes scorpions Ozzy black Sabbath
  6. only one filler for me. no man's land.
  7. God impossible. how could you ever answer this??
  8. listened to the first 3. Hmmmm, I'll pass
  9. i guess the difference for me is this : you mention Adrenaline and I can immediately recall the intro...chorus .. etc. I cannot recall a single thing about Confess.
  10. i looked it up - March 15th 1990 at marquee club, London- was debut tour. holy shit. 30 yrs ago.
  11. honestly I can't remember which year it was. A looooong time ago. Think it was time to burn era.
  12. it's got nothing to do with bonfire though has it.
  13. did I mention that I saw them live
  14. does it?? imo 6-7.5 for those last 5 songs is absolute bollocks.....but hey to each their own imo there have been 3 stand out albums this year so far and this is one of them
  15. I think this is gonna be great!!! can't wait
  16. ha ha u guys have all gone crazy or massively increased your standards The songs here are super generic but still catchy as hell and rocking. easily one of the best releases you'll hear all year
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