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  1. I Wanna like it but the vocals are so buried. In some tracks I can't understand a word he's on about. can't be bothered when there's so much other quality stuff about. if I'm honest that hard sleazy stuff has kinda had it's day with me....it needs to be awesome to register - Crashdiet last year I found pretty average as well albeit the sound on that was very good.
  2. Glen


    oh it's real alright. just depends on whether someone has uploaded the setlist
  3. I like both so far and the short clips sound v nice. Looking forward to Fri
  4. if I recall Bang had about 2 great songs and a whole bunch of filler
  5. yeah I've been playing II & III - completely passed me by but v good stuff
  6. cold but true. Awful both times I've seen them No reason for FM to pull out. Midnite City are there - so is kip winger. I'm guessing the show will go on, albeit with reduced number of acts
  7. why? you know they do it all the time so why does it still bother you?
  8. the problem is he is obviously not as good - either as singer or frontman - but neither are their songs. The albums have been weak aside from a song or 2
  9. it's sounds awesome that's what. I love this shit now.....must be getting old
  10. RIP that band died with him imo. I saw them live with Steve and live without. One an awesome gig, one I walked out and went for food
  11. Absolutely love it......
  12. Glen


    were u going to the main event?
  13. ha ha. it's a good song but no way is it better than anything off Amber Galactic or the debut Esp Transatlantic Blues
  14. Cars - Drive Strangeways - Goodnight LA both top 10 for me. Quite meloncholy both
  15. Glen


    nice. I saw enuff z Nuff once only, way back on May 19th 1991 on the Strength tour. jeez 29 yrs ago
  16. don't be ridiculous. prob about 10% of their songs fall into this category. listen to songs like Midnight Flyer - that they will blow your balls off. Pure rock awesomeness.
  17. First time ever that Strid has over sung imo. It's a great track but is marred as you can barely understand him in places.
  18. ha ha my last track is American High which is even better And the only weak song on Amber Galactic is the last track. They don't need to include cover songs - stylistically it sticks out. They should have just put the Jap bonus on the regular release which is a great song or left in as a 10 track album.
  19. I was thinking that too but the more I play this the better it gets. it's possibly the best flow they've had to an album. And defo the best end. I'm not sure they'll ever top AG as it was my favourite album of the last 10 years but this and STWAE are close.
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