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  2. Is this making fun of him? Or is it the fucking truth??
  3. Leykis101


    Glen I HAVE FUCKING KIDNEY DISEASE AND SARCOIDOSIS, I'm if not more then equally as at risk as the 70 and older crowd, it's why I think this is a fucking sham, and you are the sheeple, that vax doesnt do shit, people who are vaxed still contract and spread it, and die, you say it makes it better, but how do you really know that? how about you believe the mumbo jumbo, and get your boosters every 10 days and go get locked down when your told, but I'm not worried about this shit, I'm certainly not dying if I catch it a 2nd or 3rd time, and when this new variant hits where your at, and your vax is completely worthless, then whats your plan? you do know this new variant is completely shifty right? that vax has zero effect on it, are you just gonna hide in your house till they tell you a new vax is ready? I'd be more scared of getting slammed into by a car, come on people, question everything, like why Hall & Oats don't put any new shit out.
  4. Its easy to sit perched in a right wing government and judge others, when everything's good there's never anything to bitch about, and your up in the night, you think this has anything to do with how I feel about his stance on guns, you completely missed the seminar, i don't give a fuck what you or his or anyone's feelings on guns are, it has to do with his coming out after sandy hook to denounce guns and enlighten parents who just lost children with his feelings about guns, his stance on guns and his need to make it be known brings this full circle, this is karma, do you ever do anything with a firearm without going through your safety protocols? if I handed you a gun and said it's clear bro, nothing to worry about, you'd just take my word for it, you wouldn't have finger off trigger, make sure safety's on, keep it pointed down, make sure it's not chambered? this is an elitist, who's taken much pleasure in exposing incidents, just like this one he's involved in, if you think I'm making fun of him, you should probably re-read what I said, cause you obviously didn't even kind of get the message of what I was saying, I'm not making fun of shit, it's not a funny situation, and even if I do who cares? why would I not make fun of that? so I can make fun of everything but that? it just means I don't have to stew in it because I don't care about Alec Baldwin, I feel horrible about Halyna Hutchins, my heart sincerely hurts for her family, but fuck Alec Baldwin, I hope they charge him with negligence at the least.
  5. You guys probably hate DBL but this is my favorite version of this song, by far
  6. Im just fucking glad the Dodgers and Yankees aren't fucking in it, the dodgers screwed the giants by paying off the ump, can you believe that fucking shit? so karma got them, though I do love Cody Bellinger, is that dude fucking stoned while he plays? he's gotta be, you listen to his interviews, that dude is higher then giraffe pussy, or RVD
  7. Leykis101


    So the jab is irrelevant, imagine that, wonder what card their gonna play now, maybe everybody just tried to take better care of themselves, work out, eat better, start doing alot of cardio to get the lungs and immune system healthy, washing hands, being aware and cautious but not being scared sheeple, their is no end to this just like the flu evolves every year, so will this
  8. Leykis101


    The Aussie speaks truth, I think he is wise, and racist, everything he says is caked in white supremacy. ,
  9. Hey, it's nothing to do with that, the democrats are trying to save those city's from the republicans rules, plus you saying that is racist, if it weren't for slavery, systemic racism, and white supremacy, those city's would be thriving
  10. Well Glen, for instance it was heartbreaking when Brandon Lee died, why cause that was a tragic accident with a young actor who did his profession, he acted, Alec Baldwin is a fucking tool who has taken no sympathy on anyone he disagrees with when in comes to politics, taking brutal shots after tragic shootings, being one of the first to politicize shootings and using it as a means to denounce guns, and blame guns on violent incidence instead of holding the shooters accountable, it's almost like karma, it's like if someone gets fucking sloshed jumps in the car and wipes 3 people out, then I say if those fucking cars weren't available to everyone this never would've happened, the usual rigamarole, blame everything but the person who did it, it's absolutely vital regardless the situation, if your using ANY TYPE OF FIREARM, it's your responsibility for safety, there is no excuse
  11. Didnt you listen to Loza's song AOC? it's great, It's on the AOC board, Lozas a Proud Boy, cool dude,takes a lot of shit being a black Trump Supporter
  12. Alec Baldwins a fucking putz, this couldnt have happened to a worse person, South Park did a great episode clowning a sack of shit he is, the only thing that makes this sad was some woman lost her life and it wasnt baldwin, once again, this isn't sad, it was negligence, Alec is mr anti gun, so that makes this even more satisfying, couldn't have happened to a worse person,, and nobody in this country feels sorry for that faggot one bit, look around, if you find anyone who doesn't see it this way, their lying.
  13. Leykis101


    I'd ditch the Patriots anyways, just on principle, and do you mean are all Saints fans ho's? Pretty much, I showed you the evidence, Jordyn if u happen to follow that link and you read this, did you like the shout out I gave you? And looky here, you found somebody who thinks your hot, lol, I am a miracle worker, your welcome
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