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  1. This is hilarious, my dads older brother, my uncle Mike, retired at the beginning of 2019, his wife my aunt died in 1990, all he's done is work and make mega money, all my cousins are grown up, and I guess he got bored and at 64 he figured ya cant take it when you go, so he announced he was getting married, almost a month b4 he retired, he didn't mention she was 22, then they went out to get his retirement gift, he also wanted a car, after 3 days of nobody hearing from them, they finally showed up in his new retirement gift to himself, a 2019 AM. I got hysterical cause I thought he got an AM Skyfall, but it wasn't, it was just their baseline model. AM is not my uncles style in any way shape or form, it was very bizarre and I wish I could've taken a crack at the step aunt b4 he sent her packing, anyways during the lock-down sometime, Mike showed up to check on me, and talk about missing my dad, and when he went to leave it dawned on me, I said Mike, what the fuck? where the fuck is your little low IQ bimbo wife, he told me he had a couple bouts of buyers remorse, and he got rid of her, and traded the AM in for a 2020 Silverado, I only got to drive the AM for about 10 minutes, and I wasn't anywhere near a long stretch of empty road, but I have drove his new truck, and personally, if I was just trying to get pussy, of course id take the AM, but other then that, the Silverado is fucking amazing, and I'd take it in a second, the AM is really not that cool after the novelty wears off, I'll stick to my Jeep. He finally told me what it boiled down to, as far as the cars go anyways, not the hot little big mouthed bimbo, so the Silverado is as much to repair as that AM would've been, possibly more expensive, AM parts aren't available at Autozone, when he called around he could only find 2 mechanics in the state that would even consider working on the AM, so anytime it needed to be serviced, he'd have had to go to Vegas to do it, FUCK THAT! vehicle maintenance is an absolute deal breaker and it boggles my brain when I see just how ignored it is in the process of people purchasing vehicles, and when you bring it up, people blow you off like your a fucking idiot, and like cars don't need maintenance, its so important, I'm sure you all know, but its just something that floors me.
  2. Doesnt seem like anyone sincerely getting this at all, do you guys truly not understand, or you just being a wise ass?
  3. Good Rats was started by 5 guys, one of them was Pepi Marchello, in like 1965, they were called the U-Men or some shit like that back then, well you can figure that's a long fucking time for any band to be around, the most popular of bands from within 10 years of that era aren't even still around, but Good Rats are still going, somebody called them the greatest most popular completely unknown band in history, but anyways sometime in the late 80's, Peppi brought his kid Gene in to play guitar, and Gene as you know can fking shred'em, then they brought Stephan a younger brother in to drum, so sometime around like 89, Gene took off and got a record deal, for 2 albums, the first one was Destiny, then the 2nd one that got shelved for like 20 years, but Gene and Poppi sound remarkably similar when they sing, it's sometimes only detectable when you have listened enough times that you can tell there is a small difference in the way the sound, you can compare Poppi and Gene's vocals in those clips I posted, the Good Rats song is Poppi, and the Destiny song is Gene, but the 2nd song Every Mans Lover, thats off the 2nd Marchello disc, but Poppi is singing on that song, Poppi died so Gene and Stefan run it and tour and shit with Gene singing. Bruce Kullick also played on and wrote shit on a couple of their early 80s albums.
  4. For Real?? thats rare??? are you sure, that was on I think CBS, I originally found 3 of them in pawn shops, ive had to buy it back everytime my cd;s get ripped off, right out of rehab last year I found one on Amazon used for $8
  5. Leykis101

    Rand Paul

    Well I like Dr. Fauci's approach, if anything I guess his dishonesty is honest, he gives the truth, and the not truth(we wont say lie) then just kind of goes with whichever one seems to be working out at the time.
  6. Leykis101

    Rand Paul

    you show me one time I attacked illegals, give me an example please, my brothers, 2 of them are cops, and one got sent to help out in texas, why should he find another job? if the law of our border was being enforced we wouldnt have to, but as typical with the left, never accept responsibility for the problem, instead blame every single thing but the issue, and Biden hasnt created any fucking jobs, what are you talking about? theres jobs cause nobody wants to go back to work cause hes giving them more to sit home, yes thats the issue, no theres no way of politicking around that one, thats exactly whats going on, but im waiting, an example of me attacking illegals, BTW, the truth isnt an attack, and if you dont think this is an issue, again, you dont know what your talking about, and the magnitude of whats going on at the southern border. OH Mr. Planet, catch Bidens town hall the other night by chance? it's gotten to the point it's not even funny anymore, it's super serious, and super dangerous, that dude cant even finish a sentence anymore, he hasnt created anything except panic and lawlessness, if you really believe hes done anything, let alone anything positive, then I can already tell you just watch the news and havent seen it first hand, I cant ever remember if you even live in the states, but I get a strong feeling by your remarks you probably dont, because even if you were on that side, you still wouldnt be sticking up for him, most democrats I know are on the verge, this is not democrate, it's not even liberal, it's extremist left wing bullshit, and if I have found one thing about the US, everybody bitches and fights, but extremism on either side doesnt work, and will not last long.
  7. Leykis101


    I just saw some sort of protest going on in Sydney? and I noticed nobody was wearing masks?? shame on you all.
  8. It's not that rare is it? fuck it seems like it just came out a few years ago. I just got it cause there was a bootleg called something like For The Love Of Money or some dumb shit like that, I carted that cdr around forever, I only got this cause it was way better sound quality.
  9. Leykis101

    Rand Paul

    Oh yeah, you think their all just coming over all healthy and vaccinated? Now their having problems cause theres a group of them that are refusing the Vax, and how is reality a cheap and easy target, you think we should just bring a couple hundred non speaking illegals from all over the world and let them out in your city? my brothers in Texas right now trying to help them get a hold of the border, his job that he went to 6 months of training for,, didnt include babysitting, speaking foreign languages, and working 7 day 14 hours a day shifts, so these illegals dont just impose on locals, they are imposing on all sorts of different people, but nice try with the deflection and counter, if i was attacking illegals it might have worked, we are way past that
  10. Leykis101

    Rand Paul

    Yeah but id still duct tape her mouth and put it in her ass, ugh my foot that is, (just kidding I just had to say my foot to keep it PG rated)
  11. Leykis101

    Rand Paul

    He still hasnt let next to a million covid carrying illegals into our country then shipped them into the heart of all the major citys, funny I havent seen you post a thing about that, but you get on and bitch about something Rand Paul did 20 years ago, interesting. It's almost like your trying to get your post count up at the expense of cheap and easy political posts, and I gotta say thats an excellent strategy, it does work.
  12. Leykis101

    Rand Paul

    REALLY?? I think most people wonder how Nazi Pelosi and AOC get elected, Rand Paul used to be pretty moderate, I might be incorrect but he was an Independent for a long time, thats what he ran as, I think the Richard Marx thing fucked his brain up.
  13. Yeah he's a very underated axe man, He writes killer songs, plays killer riffs, but never gets his due, it's a shame.
  14. Leykis101


    That get used alot around where I live as well, "Ancient chinese wisdom say he who have hole in pant pocket, feel cocky all day long" Also for g-off, FUCK KEVEN CHANT!!! him and Fauci use double dongs on each other while they come up with the next string to pull on the puppets, all I know is I got that shit, survived, they tell you to wear a mask, well a virus favorite spot to enter is in the tear ducts of your eyes, yet no goggles are mandated, why dont we all just wear fucking hazmat suites? then the shit would never be transferred to another person? if their that serious about it, they say get the vax and your good, oh except that you can still catch it, and now the Delta shit is like 6 times more contagious, so whats the point in getting vaxed? they all seem way too fucking adamant about everyone being vaxed, do you think if this was like the plaque, anyone would be fighting over this shit? I dont, but who knows these days.
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