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  1. Crazysam

    Guild Of Ages - Rise

    Glad to see these guys putting out some new material. My only critique would be that they probably could have shortened the instrumental break a little, but overall I like it.
  2. Crazysam

    Billy Morris & The Sunset Strip

    The track does have that 80's fun, party rock vibe to it. I hear the similarity to Ace as well. I'd probably be able to look past the cheesy lyrics if the vocals were better.
  3. Crazysam

    Groundbreaker (Overland/Säll) - s/t

    Solid track, was hoping for a bit of a better chorus though
  4. Crazysam

    Sunstorm - The Road To Hell

    As the promo write up indicated the new album is similar to the last release rather than a return to the AOR style of the first few albums. Joe Lynn Turner still sounds good and the guitar solos are well played. The songs themselves are all pretty good but there weren't any tracks that I found myself wanting to hit the repeat button on. And I guess that tells the story for me. While I like it slightly more than Edge of Tomorrow, I still prefer the first three releases which each had a few standout tracks.
  5. Crazysam

    Denman - The Life We Live EP

    New song from the band Denman. I thought their EP was pretty good. This track is off the upcoming album called Raw Deal which looks to have producer Michael Wagener involved again
  6. Crazysam

    What Song IS it?

    I always got more of a Zeppelin vibe from early Fastway, but the songs that I recall having more instrumental sections are "Heft!" and "Far Far From Home"
  7. Crazysam

    Baltimore Rocks -- Blast From The Past

    Nice, too bad they aren't making some physical cd copies available too, but looking forward to purchasing the digital version
  8. Crazysam

    Brian Barnhouse - Sign of Life

    True, I was focusing more on the comparisons to other artists and style of music in the write up, but yeah, almost everything listed there is recommended, highly recommended or a must have.
  9. Crazysam

    Snakes In Paradise - Step Into The Light

    Solid track, maybe a little mellower but overall new song sounds similar in style to their prior material
  10. Crazysam

    TNT - XIII

    I gave it a listen and it was pretty much what I expected after hearing the promo tracks. As Geoff and AlphaMale commented, this sounds like either old, unreleased demos or pre-production demos. Unfortunately the band seems to have been unable to shape that material into good songs. Instead, many of the tracks end up sounding unfinished or slapped together. On the positive side, Ronni has some nice moments, the new singer sounds pretty good and there are a handful of decent tunes (Tears In My Eyes, We're Gonna Make It, Can't Breathe Anymore, Where You Belong and Sunshine). In my opinion though nothing here comes close to the level of their best material.
  11. The 8th studio album from the band Mass, When 2 Worlds Collide, is now available from Escape Music. You can purchase an autographed copy via the band's site. http://www.massrocks.com/index.html Just Can’t Deny Only A Dream Falling In Love Alive Second Hand Rose Turn It Over Revenge of the Maiden Some Time Ago Stand Alone Time Marches On When 2 Worlds Collide
  12. New song by Sven Gali. Current line-up is made up of three original members including vocalist Dave Wanless and guitarist Andy Frank.
  13. Crazysam

    Hearts On Fire - Call Of Destiny

    This track is sounding nice as well, looking forward to this release
  14. Crazysam

    Treat - Tunguska

    Solid tune with uplifting lyrics, but not as strong as the top tracks from the last two albums
  15. Ralph Santolla, guitarist for bands such as Millenium, Monarch, Iced Earth, Deicide, and Obituary was taken off life support yesterday and passed away at age 48. From Blabbermouth http://www.blabbermouth.net/news/former-deicide-and-obituary-guitarist-ralph-santolla-dies-at-51/ Former DEATH, ICED EARTH, DEICIDE and OBITUARY guitarist Ralph Santolla died Wednesday night (June 6) at St. Joseph's Hospital in Tampa, Florida. The musician fell into a coma after suffering a heart attack on May 30 and was taken off life support last night around 11:00 p.m. He was 51 48 years old. Santolla's friend, fellow guitarist Bill Hudson, confirmed Ralph's passing in a Facebook post, writing: "NOW It is official: I (and many other people) just lost my best friend, as well as one of the most underrated guitarists in all history. "He passed away peacefully with about 10 of his closest friends and family around him (myself included). "Please keep his mother Sue Santolla-Rocha, his son Dorian Angelo Santolla and all the rest of us in your thoughts... "Rest in peace, my brother, Ralph Santolla... Santolla's family members said that they would uphold his legacy by donating his organs to patients in need. "Those recipients don't know what they are getting until they suddenly become sarcastic, funny, get tattoos, start playing guitar," Santolla-Rocha joked in a Facebook post. Although Santolla never recorded with DEATH, he toured with the legendary death metal act in 1993 and appeared in the group's "The Philosopher" video. Santolla played on and off with DEICIDE between 2005 and 2011 and appeared on three of the band's albums: "The Stench Of Redemption" (2006), "Till Death Do Us Part" (2008) and "To Hell With God" (2011). Ralph joined OBITUARY in 2007 as the replacement for Allen West. He recorded with the band on the "Xecutioner's Return" (2007) and "Darkest Day" (2009) albums as well as the "Left To Die" EP (2008). Santolla also played with MILLENIUM, ICED EARTH and Sebastian Bach. In addition, he was involved with DEVIL'S HIGHWAY, a project he formed several years ago with singer Kyle Thomas (TROUBLE, EXHORDER), bassist Steve DiGiorgio (TESTAMENT, SADUS), guitarist Matt Brunson (CROWBAR, KINGDOM OF SORROW) and drummer Tony Laureano (DIMMU BORGIR, NILE). Bach wrote in a Facebook post: "Rest in peace, Ralph Santolla. Thanks for the music and the fun times. My condolences to the Santolla family." Norwegian singer Jørn Lande, who played with Santolla in MILLENIUM, wrote: "My dear friend and former bandmate Ralph Santolla has passed away, and I can't believe he is gone. The kindest, most caring and compassionate man you could ever know. He had the most hilarious sarcastic humor, and played guitar like no one else! "There's a hole in the heart of the world without you, Ralph, and I am sorry I wasn't there when you left. "All my love to Sue Santolla-Rocha, Dorian Angelo Santolla and the rest of the family. "So long, my friend!"
  16. Crazysam

    Brian Barnhouse - Sign of Life

    I recall seeing this have a positive review on 0dayroxx recently. Another album to add to my playlist and check out. If I recall correctly, the review mentioned it being his second release.
  17. Crazysam

    Enuff Z'Nuff - Diamond Boy

    Having enjoyed their first 3 albums I've given their other releases at least one spin but most were patchy at best. With Donnie Vie gone my hopes for a return to form were further reduced and this first track hasn't changed that opinion.
  18. Crazysam

    Mr. Big/Extreme

    Sounds like a great night outside of the parking hassles. Thanks for sharing the photos. I saw both bands years ago. Even back then Mr. Big didn't do much moving around, but I remember them sounding good. Extreme is one of my favorite bands to see live. The first time I saw them was an all ages show at a club (Billy's Old Mill in Milwaukee) promoting their first album. They put on a high energy performance and I recall my friends and I were so impressed that we each bought their cd the next day.
  19. True, Blast really didn't sound like Tigertailz. I read that Ace Finchum was going to start a separate Tigertailz group and tour in the U.S. playing their older material.
  20. Crazysam

    Clif Magness - Lucky Dog

    Another good song, I'm looking forward to this one being released
  21. Crazysam

    Nitrate - Real World

    Nice tune, Joss Mennen still sounds pretty good, makes me want to listen to The Great Escape by Zinatra.
  22. Sounds better than the last Tigertailz album