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  1. Crazysam

    Steve Perry - Traces

    Great tune, welcome back Steve
  2. Crazysam

    Release Dates?

    I recall reading somewhere that Tesla was planning to release a new album later this year, it was to be called "Shock" and they were working with Phil Collen of Def Leppard who was going to produce it. I haven't heard any updates on it recently though.
  3. Crazysam

    Dan Reed Network - Origins

    sounds pretty good, I was expecting the new album to be updated recordings of older tracks, but this seems like a new song, unless I am mistaken
  4. Crazysam

    Norwegian favorites

    Dream Police - "Rock Me" off their debut and Stage Dolls - "Love Cries" from their self titled release
  5. Crazysam

    The Faceplants - Animalistic

    A little more on the pop rock side, but a pretty cool track. I hear some Queen influence during parts of the song
  6. Crazysam

    Ace Frehley - Spaceman

    Ace's solo from '78 and the first Frehley's Comet release are still my favorites from him outside of KISS. He put this new track out yesterday and is apparently planning on releasing a new album this summer/fall.
  7. Crazysam

    Ace Frehley - Spaceman

    Track listing and release date (October 19) were made available for Ace's upcoming album "Spaceman". Gene Simmons performs on and co-wrote a track or two. http://www.blabbermouth.net/news/ace-frehley-spaceman-album-details-revealed-rockin-with-the-boys-single-available/ Without You I'm Nothing Rockin' With the Boys Your Wish Is My Command Bronx Boy Pursuit Of Rock and Roll I Wanna Go Back (Cover: Eddie Money) Mission To Mars Off My Back Quantum Flux
  8. Crazysam

    Hull Metal Heaven 2018

    Looks like a great lineup. Some interesting names on the bill. Glad to see that Sven Gali and Shark Island are performing live again, although I think only Richard Black remains from the original Shark Island lineup.
  9. Crazysam

    What are some of your favorite metal songs?

    It's my favorite album of theirs with Howe on vocals. Somewhat hard to find on cd and I don't think I've ever come across a copy on vinyl. I'm sure it would come with a hefty price tag though
  10. Crazysam

    What are some of your favorite metal songs?

    I've never heard Headstone Epitaph before, solid tune, thanks for sharing
  11. Crazysam

    Brett Walker - Last Parade

    Both tracks sound pretty good. It seems like quite the undertaking to go through everything. Nevertheless was a really good album, especially in the context of when it was released. I look forward to having the chance to hear more of his unreleased work, especially from those early years.
  12. Crazysam

    Treat - Tunguska

    The chorus is solid, but initially I don't care much for the main guitar riff
  13. Crazysam

    What are some of your favorite metal songs?

    I could list tons of songs but I'll start with these two: Armored Saint "Reign of Fire" and Metal Church "Gods of Second Chance"
  14. Crazysam

    Top-5 2018 (at the moment)

    I thought the Nitrate album was pretty good as well. I would also agree that it hasn't received too many comments/reviews, here or elsewhere, which is a shame as it is worth checking out, especially for those who liked Midnite City.
  15. I know the original was a big hit, but this cover version doesn't do much for me and it is one of three tracks that I skip when listening to the album
  16. Crazysam

    Slash - Living the Dream

    Haha, the bumblebee outfit! When I read your post earlier, the only song by Blind Melon that I could even think of was the one with the girl with the glasses wearing that costume.
  17. Crazysam

    Slash - Living the Dream

    Slash is scheduled to release his fourth solo album on September 21st via Slash's label Snakepit Records. First single "Driving Rain" is out now. Third release to feature MYLES KENNEDY (Vocals), and the Conspirators BRENT FITZ (Drums), TODD KERNS (Bass & Vocals) and FRANK SIDORIS (Guitar & Vocals). On Wednesday, July 25 the band launched a pre-order in the following formats : a limited edition Deluxe Premium 2 LP Yellow Vinyl within a Premium “Living the Dream” Vinyl-size 20 page Hardback Book, an exclusive one- sided 7” single of “Driving Rain” featuring an etching on the B-side with a special set of SLASH guitar picks, Standard Digital and Physical CD album, poster as well as a limited-edition T-shirt and Hoodie are available. For LIVING THE DREAM, SLASH and his band re-teamed with producer Michael “Elvis” Baskette (Alter Bridge, Iggy Pop, Incubus) on the powerful 12 song collection. http://www.slashonline.com The Call of the Wild Serve You Right My Antidote Mind Your Manners Lost Inside the Girl Read Between the Lines Slow Grind The One You Loved Is Gone Driving Rain Sugar Cane The Great Pretender Boulevard of Broken Hearts
  18. Crazysam

    Slash - Living the Dream

    Blind Melon? Surprising comparison, I'm not hearing much grunge influence. Blind Melon and Slash do have a bit of a connection though, their singer provided backup vocals on Use Your Illusion and was in the video for "Don't Cry"
  19. Crazysam

    The East Side Gamblers: The Big Machine

    Decent tune, I agree with the comparison to The Answer and their 70's arena rock style.
  20. It is a bit sad, but not surprising. When I've played or watched music trivia games I often draw blanks when it comes to different eras & genres. But with all the info available online, streaming services and forums like this, hopefully 80's hard rock/metal, and not just the most popular artists, will retain some interest and find new fans for at least a few more decades.
  21. Crazysam

    The Treatment - Let's Get Dirty

    This new track is ok. Third vocalist already. Their original singer reminded of Jeff Keith. Mitchel Emms had a little stronger voice, too bad he moved on after just the one album.
  22. Crazysam

    Dallas - deal with AOR Blvd Records

    A bit disappointed with the new song. Production isn't that good and while the chorus is catchy, it gets too repetitive for me. Would have preferred a short guitar solo somewhere in there as well.
  23. I can't wait! Glad to see Tracii and Phil are striking while the iron is hot by writing/recording the next album right away. Hopefully it will be even better than The Missing Peace.

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