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  1. Thanks for posting and sharing the comments from Guy. I can appreciate the lighter sound if the melodies are there. I'd much rather bands take that route than go in a completely different direction with their musical style. That said, I feel like it's a bit of a slap in the face to fans of 80's melodic/hard rock when musicians from that era try to distance themselves by saying they weren't a "hair" band. Mark/Marcie had been with King Kobra, Jay was in Hurricane, and Bruce was in Stone Fury, so there was a clear connection with the melodic/hard rock scene. And I didn't hear much of an Elton John or Motown influence on the UC debut. It was a great balance between AOR and guitar driven, melodic rock that appealed to a wide range of rock/metal fans.
  2. new tune sounds pretty good, here is hoping there are few hidden gems on the album, because while the songs released so far have been solid, I don't think any are as memorable as my favorites from Rest in Sleaze or Generation Wild
  3. Former Cinderella frontman Tom Keifer is set to release his second solo album on September 13 on Cleopatra Records. First single/video "The Death of Me" is out now. https://cleorecs.com/store/shop/tom-keifer-rise-limited-edition-colored-vinyl/ https://cleorecs.com/store/shop/tom-keifer-rise-cd/ TRACK LISTING 1. Touching The Divine 2. The Death Of Me 3. Waiting On The Demons 4. Hype 5. Untitled 6. Rise 7. All Amped Up 8. Breaking Down 9. Taste For The Pain 10. Life Was Here 11. You Believe In Me
  4. sounds pretty good, I don't believe I ever listened to the debut, so I plan to seek that out and give it a spin
  5. and that's a fair assessment, it is by no means a classic and I can understand why some may not like it with the change of style
  6. agree with the last two posts, while Dawn is my least favorite Danger Danger album and I disliked it when it was originally released, I grew to appreciate the majority of songs on it, a few of which are now among my favorites by the band
  7. I understand preferring Ted over Paul or wanting to hear something that sounds like Danger Danger's debut. But unfortunately that lineup is likely never recording together again. There aren't many releases these days that come close to matching our favorites from the 80's. But I'm thrilled that these guys are making another album, because in 2019 it doesn't get much better than the Defiants, imo. Plus, didn't Tony Rey perform most of the guitar parts on the debut?
  8. Lightning to the Nations was one of the best NWOBHM era releases, in my opinion. I hadn't listened to much from these guys since but had heard some good things here and elsewhere about this one. The album starts out nicely with "Belly of the Beast" which has a traditional 80's metal feel to it. But from there I found it to be rather patchy, with too many 90's sounding slow and mid-tempo tracks.
  9. Hard to believe it's been nearly 15 years since their last album. The new track is pretty good and picks up right where they left off
  10. Solid, but for me it isn't nearly as good as the majority of songs on Are You Ready to Rock, Bleed and Scream or Armageddonize
  11. In a year full of disappointments this one was a pleasant surprise. While it likely won't make my top 20 list I think it is worth giving a listen. My favorites are Sincerely Yours and After the Love but I've also added a few of the other tracks to my 2019 playlist
  12. Thanks for sharing Stefan, sounds pretty good
  13. I'm a big fan of their album The Great Escape, and despite this sounding similar in style to the material from that era, I'm not really digging this track
  14. new track sounds good to me, can't wait for this album to be released
  15. I was holding out hope that this album might end up being a pleasant surprise, but based on those two promo tracks it will likely just be another disappointing 2019 release
  16. I'm fine with a heavier sound to their music, but the chorus doesn't really grab me. I'd prefer something more along the lines of the single "Infected" that they released last year.
  17. sounds pretty good to me and fits right in with most of their prior material
  18. Not quite as good as the prior track but still a solid ballad, has there been any news on the release of a full album?
  19. very pleasant surprise, while very short snippets the teaser video gives some hope that the upcoming release will be similar in style to their prior albums, looking forward to hearing the new songs
  20. I enjoyed Tower City's two albums also, especially their debut. The new material isn't bad, for what it is, but unfortunately the sound has little in common with those prior releases, more of a modern, pop feel to them.
  21. One that initially comes to mind for me is a 2014 cd re-issue of King Kobra's Ready to Strike album. It is one of those vinyl replica style cds and on the spine the band name is displayed incorrectly as King Cobra. The same typo of the band name shows on the label side of the cd itself as well.
  22. glad to see Janet is doing well after the head injury she sustained last year, I'm digging this new track more than anything off her solo debut
  23. it's a pass for me as well
  24. I can hear elements of both of these in the second song as well and while it is better than the first song still pales in comparison to Screaming for Adrenaline, in my opinion
  25. Song is OK, but doesn't raise my expectations for the upcoming album. Ray's voice seems rather subdued when compared to their debut, but then again how many singers sound like they did 30 years earlier. New guitarist sounds pretty good and seems to fit right in
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