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  1. I thought their first two albums were pretty good but missed this one being released, thanks for bumping, will check it out
  2. Another nice track, that's 3 for 3 for me, looking forward to the album release
  3. I haven't gotten into their last couple of albums, but I'm digging that new song
  4. The first promo track didn't do much for me, but the new song 'Rush Hour' sounds pretty good
  5. That is odd that they have the two different track orders. The digital download version is how it is set up on Spotify. I prefer the order of the digital download, but as you said, really good album either way. And nowadays most people will just add their favorite tracks to playlists in a random order anyway.
  6. This is a nice debut, and something the band can hopefully build on. They seem to have all the pieces in place, but at times the songs sound a bit generic, borrowing a bit too heavily from other artists. I listened to this on Spotify which seems to have a different track order than I've seen elsewhere. The opener 'Breakout', which sounds a bit like a Talisman b-side, and 'Madeleine' are probably the only tracks that failed to grab me. Tracks 2 thru 4 are all solid. But things really pick up in the middle, starting with 'Lift Me Up'. They string together a few more standouts with 'Lost', 'Love of My Life' and 'The One'. The quality slips a little again after that, but overall I enjoyed this album
  7. The re-imagined version of 'Hellchild' is alright, I can handle that. I've been a big Lynch/Dokken fan for years, but this comes across as merely something to listen to once out of curiosity. I think most long time fans would much rather they put out some new material that goes back to the style of those first two albums. Or as AlphaMale mentioned, if you're going to redo something why not the self-titled album with Oni on vocals.
  8. Not a band I listen to very much, but they've got a few songs that I enjoy. Their EP a few years ago had more of a country rock vibe. While the last two full length albums are as was mentioned a mix of straight ahead rock & roll and modern rock with some blues and country sprinkled in.
  9. This is pretty bad, but I think it would be near impossible for it to be worse than that disaster of an album
  10. I like the chorus on the new song, but seems like the guitars are a bit buried in the mix during much of the song
  11. Yeah, definitely a tougher guitar sound when compared with the debut and I prefer it as well. Of the two tracks released so far, I liked 'Better Walk Alone' a bit more, but the new song is solid.
  12. that's a bit disappointing that they don't plan to release the new album until early 2021
  13. Thanks for sharing, I wasn't aware either that Fee had put out a new album. I'll check it out. And I second the recommendations of his solo album 'Read My Lips' as well as The Tubes 'Outside Inside'.
  14. Good tune, vocalist is a nice fit, the one slight knock I had on the last album was the guitars were a bit overshadowed by the keyboards on most tracks, they seem to have a better balance on this first single
  15. Pain Sweet Symphony - Lancia
  16. Agree with you on the opener 'Barrel of a Gun' being a pretty cool song. And the latest single 'Nightmares' is solid, unfortunately nothing else on the album really grabbed me
  17. Yeah, nothing really bad about the album, but something just seems to be lacking. I liked the slightly heavier, more aggressive sound. But the songs were missing the big, melodic choruses that I was hoping for. I thought the same as you about the guitar work, that really stood out as a highlight for me. I still think they have a lot of potential and are close to taking that next step. Maybe it's just a matter of finding the right producer to help fill in that last piece of the puzzle.
  18. I agree, not a fan of talking politics in general, so I usually skip the threads. But I don't have an issue personally if others post their opinions on those topics, as long as things stay respectful. With that said, those topics have kind of dominated the new posts on the forum of late. I just hope it doesn't start to turn some people off, especially newer members. There are plenty of forums out there to discuss politics and current world affairs. But not many for fans who want to discuss 80's influenced, melodic rock/metal music.
  19. I'm surprised to see that recent FB post. I had pretty much given up on this one ever coming out after nearly 2 years have gone by since the last single
  20. I like LeBrock as well, but this song just doesn't do anything for me, maybe it'll grow on me after I listen to the full album a few times
  21. well, the thought of this being filler free went out the door with the release of the last promo track, 'Night Drive' is the epitome of a filler track, imo
  22. The debut was solid. With a tour under their belt and addition of a new guitarist I'm interested in hearing what the new album will sound like. Flores usually does a nice job with production but his involvement could be a mixed blessing. Some of the albums he's worked on recently have started sounding a bit too similar, in my opinion.
  23. I've liked a lot of the material Josh has been involved with and the lineup on this upcoming solo effort had me interested, but unfortunately these initial promo tracks fall flat, it's a pass for me
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