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  1. sad news indeed, those Roxette albums were filled with wonderfully catchy pop songs, she will be missed by many fans around the world
  2. I'm a big fan of TNT and Tony as well and agree with your overall take. There are some really good tunes. "Hurricane" and "Higher Again" remind me the most of TNT. While Heavily Broken, which doesn't really sound like TNT, might be my favorite. I think what initially takes this down a notch for me is the track order itself. The two tracks ("Ball and Chain" and "Who Can We Run To") that I really didn't get into are placed one right after another. I also thought there are too many slower paced tracks (most noticeable with Across the Ocean being followed by Bring Me Back). I'll need to give it another spin but similar to you, I think this one might make it's way into my top 10, purely on how much I enjoyed, what I'd consider to be, the standout tracks.
  3. Nice choice once again. I actually just gave this a spin last night. If I recall correctly I first heard them on a local radio station in Milwaukee, WI back in '92. New, melodic rock releases were becoming scarcer at that point, so I rolled the dice and purchased it and was not disappointed. The album became one of my favorites from that year.
  4. Jesse Strange - S/T Melidian - Lost In the Wild
  5. I enjoyed the album Tales from the Strip with Phil, Steve and Stacey Blades. But without both Phil and Tracii this time around I have a hard time even associating this with the L.A. Guns band name. We'll see, not sure what to expect, maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised.
  6. solid tune, wasn't this new album supposed to be out about a year ago? I wonder what caused the delay
  7. Slaughter's debut has some great tunes on it, but I guess over time I've grown less fond of Mark's voice, so that is why I'd give a slight edge to my fave album from CL
  8. interesting, I may be reading too much into the way the lineup reads or overestimating their popularity, but otherwise I'm surprised they'd go on second
  9. Good point, with the exception of a few of the scheduled acts it is only 1 or 2 original (or long term) members. Which makes me wonder if LA Guns is going to be Steve Riley's version? Because otherwise I'd have thought they'd be later in the performances that day, assuming the bands are listed in order of who goes on first/last
  10. Haha! ok, fair enough, I'll take the opposite approach, of the band's scheduled to perform I would prefer to listen to my favorite album from Crazy Lixx over what I'd consider the best albums from Little Caesar, Slaughter and Doro Again, don't get me wrong, I'm a big fan of several newer bands, but when we're talking preference of listening to album's of band's in their prime, I'd usually select ones by bands from the 80's & early 90's.
  11. I agree it would be great to add a few newer bands to the lineup, like Andrew has done with MRF. As far as strictly a live performance, bands like H.E.A.T and Eclipse match or exceed most of what these classic era bands are capable of doing now. But there are likely cost/travel factors where some bands from outside of the USA may not even be able to/or want to make the trip for just one festival. I know M3 has had newer regional bands like Station, Tempt and Wildstreet (mostly at the M-Pre Party events). I'd also agree that most hard rock/melodic rock fans, especially in the US, aren't even aware of many of the newer bands we discuss on the forum, which is a shame. I'd have to disagree though with the point about these newer bands putting out way better music than most of the 80's bands did in their prime. To each their own of course and just a matter of taste/preference. But man, as much as like H.E.A.T. and Eclipse I'd be hard pressed to say I'd prefer any album from them over my favorite albums from the 80's and early 90's from bands like Night Ranger, Tesla, Ratt, LA Guns, Tyketto, etc.
  12. What a start for Simmons Records, House of Lords, Gypsy Rose and this one. All should have been bigger than they were, in my opinion. Not sure if it was of lack of promotion/support or if they just got overlooked due to all the other great albums during that era. Several co-writes with Paul Sabu leads to an understandable comparison to Only Child's debut, but I prefer this one as the songs had better hooks and it rocked harder. While Silent Rage's own debut (Shattered Hearts) had some solid tracks on it, I found this follow up to be a big step forward for the band. The album is full of good tunes, but the title track is probably my favorite.
  13. thanks for sharing the info, between the promo tracks released so far, the band's comments on direction of the music and those potential song titles, I'm thinking this might be their best album yet
  14. I still regularly keep an eye out on discogs, ebay and at resale shops for cds I have on my want list. And there are some on that rarities list I'd be thrilled to add to my collection. Maybe I'll find them one day, but then again I don't know if I could bring myself to ever spend that much money on a used cd. I know when I first started learning about bands, through sites like HH, that weren't big in the USA (during the early 2000's) and I bought some cds, I learned over time some weren't official versions. Ever since that realization I am very cautious who I buy from and do my best to verify through photos and asking questions. It is crazy to me how many unofficial versions of cds are out there nowadays.
  15. I think Tygers sticks to a more traditional 80's hard rock/metal sound than Diamond Head did on their latest, just my opinion though. I enjoyed White Lines more the second time through and that track along with the melodic Love Will Find A Way would be my favorites. While Spoils of War, the ballad Words Cut Like Knives, and the lengthy mid-tempo closing track Sail On didn't really appeal to me. Overall a solid album though.
  16. I'm still a fan of Spellbound after all these years. Just one original member still with the band? The new tracks are just OK for me. Songs sound similar to their self titled album from a few years back which was solid, but can't say I've spun it much, I'll check it out though
  17. I agree, back in the 80's or 90's this would have been a must see for many of us, but unfortunately now their live shows (especially the vocals) fall well short of our memories of the guys in their prime. While I am not surprised the Crue didn't stick to their guns, especially considering the money, as Peter said, it is a bit of a slap in the face to fans who spent money believing it was truly their last opportunity to see them
  18. Thanks for bumping the thread as I overlooked this one before. The songs you and Stefan posted sound pretty good, so I'll check out the full album
  19. Two more videos (Tennessee Cocaine and Three Way Ride) from these guys. From what I read they've continued to tour during the last year and are still working on finishing the new album.
  20. Sons of Apollo are set to release their new album "MMXX" on January 17, 2020. A video for the song Goodbye Divinity is out now. https://www.facebook.com/SonsOfApollo1/ 1. Goodbye Divinity (7:16)2. Wither To Black (4:48)3. Asphyxiation (5:09)4. Desolate July (6:11)5. King Of Delusion (8:49)6. Fall To Ascend (5:07)7. Resurrection Day (5:51)8. New World Today (16:38)
  21. I think that's a really good point and one you and a few others had mentioned recently regarding Erik having too many projects going on at once. Not only might he be using some good song ideas for other bands, but some of the melodies and song structures that sounded great started sounding too similar to prior material and losing some of the appeal they had before when the ideas were fresh. I recall a similar situation with Desmond Child during the late eighties. He co-wrote and a produced a lot of great material for a lot of different artists. But after awhile the well started to run a bit dry. Some of those melodies and lyric/song ideas that I thought were great a few years prior were being recycled and just didn't grab me as much.
  22. I used to go through phases of only playing a particular album when I was younger. I would say between 1983 and 1987 I spent most of the money I made from cutting lawns and working part time jobs on a stereo system, concert tickets and buying albums. So every time I would get a new album that was often all I listened to for weeks. The ones I recall playing the most during that era were by Dokken , Ratt, Motley Crue and Def Leppard. I think my neighbors probably knew the words to every song on Hysteria by the end of the summer of '87 as it would often be blasting from my bedroom windows while I was playing basketball with my friends in my driveway.
  23. There She Goes and Into the Night ended up being the only keepers for me. I probably would have liked the album more with a different singer as most tracks had catchy melodies and sounded good musically. The singer just didn't seem to be a good fit. He reminded me more of a musical theater performer rather than someone fronting a melodic rock band. With that said, if you don't mind his vocal delivery in the promo videos, then you may find this to be an enjoyable album, as I believe the band does have potential.
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