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Icon working on new music

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From the Icon FB group (posted by moderator Drew Bollmann):

Ok here it is - Stephen Clifford on vocals, Pat on drums, Tracy on bass and John and Dan on guitars - from their recent studio sessions, with John Aquilino manning the recording decks too.
Note that this is a quick iPhone recording of a session to help the band listen back to their tracks. (This is not mixed or mastered)
We’re all looking forward to the release of course and I’ll do my best to capture some more studio madness.


 Pointing Point Up GIF by Action Bronson

Sound sample at link above

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When i heard they were working with Stephen Clifford again,i got interested and then complete silence for quite awhile.This is good to hear and since then they've even got the rhythm section back on board....based on that way too short 13 second clip (and even though it doesn't reveal alot) i heard enough to know that he (Stephen Clifford) isn't sounding half bad.

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Yeah, I stumbled across an interview with a couple of the guys from quite a few years ago - pre-covid, where it sounded as though they were pretty close to having something ready for release. I wonder if they're still the same songs. Can't remember who the singer was, or if it was mentioned... I think whoever it was was one of the interviewees? Can't remember now, but really hoping they get something released this time. Would love to hear this. Tiny sample sounds very nice. 

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