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Fall Out Boy - So Much (for) Stardust (2023)

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I know it's not in-genre for HH, but personally I'm enjoying the new Fall Out Boy album. They really haven't skipped a beat in the 7 (?) years since their last album.

And personally, I love their videos.



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Just the name Fall Out Boy brings me back to the mid-2000s and trying to start a metal(ish) band, but all the kids my age just wanted to play emo, pop punk (which in and of itself isn't a bad thing, but it didn't help me) or awful screamo trash. Ugh, what a frustrating time to be an angsty teen.

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9 hours ago, Darkstone said:

I've never been a huge fan. They're ok.

Having said that, "Thanks For The Memories" fucking rocks!




This may sound silly, but I hate that song simply for the way they spelled the title.

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