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King Kobra - Music Is A Piece of Art


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From sleazeroxx.com:

Next King Kobra album ‘Music Is A Piece of Art’ to feature guitarists Robby Lochner & Rowan Robertson

King Kobra and Rough Cutt frontman Paul Shortino was recently interviewed by Sleaze Roxx four days ago. Part 1 of the interview was released two days ago where Shortino explained in detail how and why there now exists two Rough Cutt bands. Part 2 of Sleaze Roxx‘s interview with Shortino will be released later tonight. During Part 2 of the interview, Shortino spoke some more about Rough Cutt but also revealed that King Kobra were recording a new studio album.

King Kobra‘s last studio album dates back to 2013 when the line-up of Shortino (on lead vocals), Carmine Appice on drums, Johnny Rod on bass, and, Mick Sweda and David Michael-Philips (also known as David Philip Henzerling) on guitars released the album II.

With respect to King Kobra‘s next studio album, Shortino advised: “Well, It’s Carmine‘s band and the deal is signed with Cleopatra. And we’re going to have vinyl. The title of the album is ‘Music Is A Piece of Art.’ The album cover is awesome! There’s a song on there — the title track “Music Is A Piece of Art” — and it’s a great song. I wrote the lyrics to this and music has always been there when no one else was. It’s been my best friend. It’s things like that everybody can relate to, you know. “Music is a piece of art, in your ears, straight to your heart.” It’s not going to be your typical ’80s kind of album. It’s got a little bit of the ’70s vibe to it.”

In terms of who, in addition to Appice and himself, will be playing on the new King Kobra album, Shortino revealed: “[Bassist] Johnny Rod and [guitarist] Robbie Lochner because [guitarist] Mick [Sweda] is tied up with the BulletBoys. And I don’t think that [guitarist] David Henzerling is doing it. I think it’s [guitarist] Rowan Robertson. Yes.” In regard to how Robertson got involved, Shortino stated: “Well, it was Carmine‘s choice on who he picked. He was releasing some other stuff and it looks like Frontiers wanted another King Kobra record.”

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  • My Little Pony
2 hours ago, Tabe said:

Always a good sign when a member of the band doesn't even know who is in the band or is playing on the record.

Haha. Right?

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    • I have no real opinion on the band's schtick. I do have an opinion on their earlier albums - they contained a lot of good songs. The last few... not so. Hope they can pull something out here but expectations aren't high
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