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Sleaze/Glam Song of the Day

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Tora Tora - Guilty. Alpha mentioned this one the other day. A very cool track.     

Ok.. I'll play A little known song by my favorite sleaze band of all time.. wonder what happened to these guys Erotic Suicide - What Did You Get Me    

Aerosmith are hard to define. I think they classify as Sleaze/Glam. Regardless, this is definitely a Sleaze/Glam track IMO and possibly my favourite Aerosmith song. Just about every line is

7 hours ago, Mr.AOR said:


I think I posted one of their tunes earlier in the thread - great album! I heard Rockin’ Horse, Tell Me and Towing The Line and immediately went to Perris Records site. 

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Just checked it out...happy days..will look forward to that Mad Anthony cd release for sure


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Skid Row - Little Wing

A great song in it's right, covered by many, but this killer Sleaze interpretation is my favourite. 

Killer EP, BTW!



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7 hours ago, Aordave89 said:

Essential album

So true ,love this...and the follow up...just so sleazy...love the "Think I've Got The Wrong House" quip in Teas'n Pleas'n...wish these could grab a remaster

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